"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 30 April 2012


weird dreams.

slept well.

work was okay.

constant pain - stiffness in my right hip & left calf.  made walking interesting.
still, grateful to be able to walk, and for the trip & walks that caused the stiffness, so it's all good!  

walked to walgreens after work instead of driving.  felt good.  
didn't give a man on the bench outside the store any money.  felt a little bad about that, but i did pray for him!
and i do give ppl money sometimes, i just didn't feel comfortable digging into my purse right there.  he seemed nice and all, but... ya know?  

mailed april's birthday card.
which reminded me that i STILL haven't mailed matthew's.  
resolve to do that this week.

thai for dinner.  YUM!

watched OUAT - i thought my heart was going to break for pinnochio/august!  (btw, love the name august - august rush, henry august, augustus somethingorother from Willy Wonka, etc...)  and not just because he's handsome.  : )  tugged at my heartstrings!!  and when henry stood up to his mom?!  cheered!  but then she tried to seduce david & i about gagged.  (the evil queen actress is GOOD, i have to say!)

chatted w/ april for a bit.  : )  her birthday is tomorrow (yes, the card will be late, sorry!  but it IS in the mail at least, which is more than matthew got.  ugh, really, i am really mailing it this week!)... 

watched Grimm again because i'd missed the beginning friday & plus it was just that good of an episode!  : ) 
watched Psych. (FUNNY!  french stewart guested!)
watched an episode & a half of GH - jason had better get his crap together or i'm gonna hafta smack him.  i don't care if he's a mob enforcer.  i'll do it.  LOL  and i am hoping that sam is john's long lost, presumed dead sister.  i wish i could remember how she came onto the soap & if that would even be possible!  and i miss starr, where'd she go?  i thought todd was coming back, too.  maybe after his murder trial?  felicia's coming back, that should be interesting... 

now, i must go to bed!  get to hang out w/ mom & the boys for dinner tomorrow.  jen's got a new job -as a bartender... 

i hope you have a good night & a great tuesday!  more chicago to come - i was working on photo books tonight.  going to send one to jenni, aunt nancy & aunt judy.  : )  and i made mom's mother's day book as well.  hooray!  


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