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Saturday, 21 April 2012

friday funday

yesterday was a pretty sweet day!  after the week i had, i needed a super sweet day!  LOL  

it was a productive day, work-wise - setting up to be just like the rest of the week, actually.  i was tired, and just ready for dinner to be over & to be home in my jams!  not that i thought dinner would be bad - i was looking forward to it, but at the same time, UBER TIRED!  *laugh*  

then on break my wall-mate asked what i was doing for lunch, and we were talking about it later when the rest of her team piped up that they were going out for one of their birthdays & would we like to go along.  : )  we decided to go to a mexican restaurant & it was delicious & quite a fun time!! AND for the birthday girl's birthday... LOL ... they have a very loud tradition of singing that includes a red sombrero.  heh.  she was a little surprised by the noisemaker, but she was a good sport.  : )  

getting out of the office for awhile really gave me a shot of energy.  : )  of course, it also really made me want to take the afternoon off!  LOL  i stayed til 3:30, tho, and took an hour of vacation.  which was good, because i used that time to call juli & see if she wanted me to call everyone & get orders for the chinese dinner.  she mentioned that john got home early, so she'd really like to go out.  she doesn't get to go out to dinner, hardly EVER, so i gave her some choices & she picked olive garden. then i called carol to let her know of the change of plans, which got a yay.  *laugh*  then nici, who thought that dinner was saturday, so she couldn't join us.  we chatted for half an hour or so, tho, which was nice!  : )  

i went to the restaurant 1/2 an hour early to make sure we'd have a table - there was 1/2 an hour wait, so that worked out nicely!  LOL  of course, then the table was ready early, and juli  & carol were both running late, and the table was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DINING ROOM (really?  come on!) AND our waiter was cute.  *laugh*  i played on my phone & read the menu to stave off the panic attack that started after about 10 minutes of waiting.  like, i was literally FINE for that first 10 minutes.  i did try to get a booth off to the side, but they didn't have any free, so i sat down & i was okay.  but then after like 10 minutes i started to feel ... uncomfortable.  ya know, if you are completely comfortable in the middle of a room full of ppl, count your lucky starts.  give thanks to God.  because it is seriously a gift.  the times i don't have a panic attack are made all the more awesome by the times i do, and honestly, if our waiter hadn't been so nice, i probably would have bolted before carol arrived.  so, thanks, random cute OG waiter whose name i didn't get!  *laugh*  

as soon as carol arrived, the chatting & visiting began & life was fine again.  heh.  juli & ruthie arrived about 10 minutes later, and we had a good couple hours of hanging out.  and baby.  : )  love!!!  : )   also, i had some delicious shrimp & tiramisu.  YUM!  

after dinner, i stopped at the video store & rented some action movies (and the new footloose) - Red, Killer Elite & Ghost Protocol.  GP is due back today, so i watched that last night, and it was quite a nice ride!!  i love tom cruise as ethan!  : )  after that of course i was ready for sleep!  heh.  

today i am vegging out with hulu - Grimm, The Finder, GH, and i think i missed last week's Apprentice, but i'm not sure.  *laugh*  i'll break out the movies later.  : )  i need to stop by WM when i go out to return GP, tho.  i need milk & soda & hummus.  mmmmm...  

i miss leyton!  they're still in AZ, coming back tomorrow.  i think i'll try to have him spend the night tuesday... we'll see.  

what're you up to this weekend?


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