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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


i bought the very last season of smallville today.  i now own season 1 and season 10.  *laugh*  i'll fill in the gaps sometime.  : )  tom welling is one of my crushes for sure!!  also, MICHAEL SHANKS!  i may like his voice better.... LOL  

my new enjoyment is called instagram.  it's quite fun.  do you play with it?  it's been all the rage for years, i'm sure.  i'm always late to the fun stuff.  LOL  

after work i went to target for some pretzel chips & sushi, and that's where i found a very good deal on season 10!  heh.  i came home to change into pj pants & then went to mom's to watch survivor.  happily, i was able to chat w/ april (so thankful for my phone aps!) & even had some text time w/ trish & erin.  whee!  AND i even got to see phil for a bit (he finished off the sushi - there was a lot there, yeesh!  but it was good!) & mom right before i left.  

survivor was pretty interesting.  no spoilers, but if you watch & missed it, you'll definitely want to catch up!  there are some real crazies on the cast this season!  heh.

my tooth really hurts.  boo!  good thing, tho, is that i have a dental appt tomorrow.  so hopefully that will take care of that!  

hope your day went well.  share a little, eh?  ; ) 


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