"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 9 April 2012


this morning, my week was looking pretty quiet.  planned on going to trish's on thursday, but that was it.  then mom called & i'm meeting her & the boys for dinner at CFA tomorrow, and meeting erin for dinner on friday.  heh.  love it!  : )  

this was a pretty good monday at work, not too crowded, altho i do have a couple new projects added on for the week.  they should be fun, tho.  heh!  had to deny a couple 2011 claims, but am anticipating more of that after pay statements come out & ppl see that we didn't receive claims.  i could be wrong - maybe everyone really did get them in on time... it would be a first, but i wouldn't complain about it!!  : )  

i thought i would go to arthur's for dinner & then fix a salad as well, but when i left i saw uncle pete's & decided that a gyro sounded delicious!  and it was... mmmmm!  so, salad tomorrow.  *laugh*  or for lunch, if i remember to make it before bed.  

got to text-chat w/ trish & erin for a bit tonight, and IM w/ april, all of which made me a happppyyyy camper!  even got to talk to mom for a minute - thus learning about tomorrow's dinner plans.  *laugh*  

what else?  my computer let me watch Grimm & a few eps of GH tonight.  PTL!  i am LOVING having starr & john mcbain on GH!  *bounce*  biiig smile!  i'm going to try to watch apprentice after GH, but we'll see.  

aaaaannnnddd... i think that's it.  gotta work on pictures tomorrow or wednesday.  i have some books to make!  

how was your monday?  



  1. John McBain annoys me. But not as much as Starr. Saw previews of "Connie" taking the witness stand at Sonny's trial...now that should be good.

    1. awww! i love john! i love that he & sam keep getting thrown together because - while i don't want them to get involved, i do want them to be friends. or maybe brother/sister. because they have AMAZING chemistry. i loved them as livvie & caleb on port charles (i miss my vampire soaps, man!). : )

      as for the Conate(TM) stuff, i am also enjoying that. i like connie a whole lot more than kate. kate annoys me. *laugh*

  2. Sounds like you got a great week ahead of you! :) Tonight our gorgeous Matt Bomer is on "Glee"!! Thanks so much for the lovely text to let me know about that btw!! I was in line checking out at Target with my mom and meant to text back after I got through paying and of course since mom was with me got side tracked. I'm SO excited to see him! I've missed him ever since the WC finale! I'll be thinking of you as I watch :) xoxo