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Saturday, 14 April 2012

pitter patter rain

it's really loud, tho, it's not really pittering or pattering!  LOL  i'm sad about this rain - it means that leyton probably won't get his bounce house for his party tomorrow because it'll either be raining or the ground will still be wet/too soft to set it up.  bummer!!  :(  

today was fun, tho.  : )  watched Moneyball (good movie with a suck ending, imo), Tower Heist (weird...) and the third Transformers (love).  

i went to mom's around 2.  leyton was napping & got up about 2:30.  we picked up anthony & took him home, then mom, leyton & i went to the pavilion!  : )  mom hadn't been there since they remodeled, and she thought it was really neat!  

we ran into a friend from our old church & her grandkids, so we spent some time chatting w/ kathy.  

leyton did really well for awhile, but then the talking wasn't as interesting as the playing.  

 This sign was in the back of the gator.  a little disappointing - you used to be able to climb in the back of it & play!  

*laugh*  we headed to the store after a bit, and i let him pick out his birthday present.  he did really well, picking out a good toy w/ value!  : )  

then we went to red robin for dinner, and i had the seafood basket & it was yummmmy!  they really do have good tarter sauce, as well.  heh.  it was a fun time, and they messed up mom's chicken, so she got it for free.  woot!  and leyton got a balloon, of course.  : )  

went back to mom's to play some sorry & w/ the new birthday toy for a bit, then came home for movies.  THEN around 10, phil called to see if i could pick anthony up & take him to gramma's because jen didn't want him to have to stay by himself all night & she couldn't drive home.  by this point it was raining buckets, but thankfully it didn't rain that much the whole drive out to mom's.  : )  and anthony & i had a pretty nice discussion on the ride out!  : )  

now i think it's time for bed, as i'm quite tired!!  : )  oh, please enjoy these pictures of leyton flying a nifty airplane the other day... 


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