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Monday, 23 April 2012

nephew time!

got to have dinner w/ jen, anthony & leyton tonight.  we met at applebee's.  i was surprised that jen joined us, but it was a good time.  mostly.  she did share her feelings about wanting to be out of iowa w/ our waiter, which i almost found insulting.  she did turn it around, a bit, tho, by admitting that phil is an amazing dad.  but, i mean, to our waiter, man!  randomly, out of the blue, to say that leyton is what's "keeping" her in iowa - and not in a good way.  and then to say, still in the conversation to our waiter, that she's trying to convince phil to move to arizona and that if he moves that our mom will move there, too.  


so, phil & mom are supposed to just pick up & move across the country, away from their family, so that she can be w/ her family, who she couldn't even stand to be w/ for the whole week?  (not that i blame her for that - a week is a long time to be on vacation anywhere, unless you're independently wealthy or whatnot, ya know?)  but, just the whole thing rubbed me the wrong way.  if she was going TO something that would be different, slightly, but that's not the case.  i really hope and pray that she will fine a happiness here.  

anyway, there were some other things going on that were irritating me, too, like the attitudes when i got there because they were there early & had to wait.  when i asked if leyton could spend the night & anthony could join us for dinner, i said i could pick them up around 5, as i should be leaving at 4:15.  well, of course i didn't leave til closer to 4:30, but jen had told me to call when i was close to the applebee's.  when i did, she was upset that i was taking so long to get there... i was confused as to when the plan changed from me calling her when i got close to her going there early & waiting.  and then being mad about it.  and then telling the kids she was mad about it, because leyton told me when i go there.  oye.  leyton was super happy to see me, at least!  : )  

after dinner he & i ran some errands (gas, return videos, mail post cards) & then came home to play & take pictures & hard boil eggs & paint them & watch some thomas & have some snuggles.  : )  

i let him stay up til 9, and watched Once Upon A Time & Celebrity Apprentice when he went to bed.  of course, now i'm up about an hour past MY bedtime, but both episodes were quite spiffy, so hopefully i won't be TOO tired in the morning!  and hopefully we'll both get up on time!  LOL  

i'm so grateful he wanted to & was allowed to come over tonight.  i had missed him so much!!  and he really might have grown that week while he was gone.. lol  

anyway, off to bed for me.  ttfn!

oh yeah, the rest of my day wasn't too bad.  lunch was great - my wall-mate & i went to maid rite, where i hadn't been in way too long, and it was delicious!  : )  and i finally got a hold of my tech guy for the new employee errors that have been going on for a month, and he was able to fix most of them today.  whew!  

later!  : ) 

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