"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


tee hee - i accidentally posted this on the menu earlier.  whoops!  anyway, here's the proper home...

i went to dinner w/ my friend michelle tonight, and we had a good time, of course!  but i'd set the dinner up for osaka buffet, because i love buffet value!  *laugh*  but michelle wanted to go to the original osaka, so i said okay, but then spent about twice what i was planning for 1/2 the food.  *sigh*  not a good thing when i have dinner plans all week!  :|  

ah well, it was tasty... LOL  : )  

was a pretty good, productive, busy day at work.  i felt like i accomplished a lot, anyway, which always makes for a happy carrie.  heh.  

the past couple nights i've had some interesting dreams.  night before last it was a really detailed, long dream, involving lots of different things.  part of it involved being in a basement w/ a really killer view of a park, a bridge, and some mountains.  suddenly there was a plane doing loops above us, and it crashed into a skating rink.  idk what that was about!  last night was a shorter dream, but it was about dad, so it was good.  funny - it was about dad eating chick fil a.  *laugh*  idk why that was funny, just was.  

tonight i'm catching up on GH - i'm on last wednesday.  sam's about to find out who her baby daddy is.  which makes it sound more like it's her fault that she has to, but it's really a heartbreaking story! there's a lot of heartbreaking going on lately on the soap, but i love it anyway.  so many crushes going on.  LOL  i know john mcbain annoys ppl, but i *heart* him, and every time he & sam get some screen time, it makes me happy!  he's the voice of reason, the voice of "i have been there, you need to be honest w/ your husband," and i love it!  of course, i really won't love it if jason ends up being written as a jerk about the whole thing... because jason, the character, would not be a jerk about this... and then starr & michael!  these are both characters & actors who i used to not like - at all.  but thru the years, the actors have grown on me, and the characters, too.  : )  plus, michael is one of my latest "younger man" crushes.  *laugh*  

i could write a lot about it, but i will spare you!  LOL  

tomorrow i need to remember to return my movies (no late fees, late fees suck!).  i had wanted to watch Prom again, but that didn't happen.  ah well, i might end up buying it.  adding it to my collection.  : )  

what'd you get up to today?  are you having a good week?


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