"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 19 April 2012


it makes a great snack, and i love it!  a few cubes or a slice & my craving is sated for a bit anyway.  : )  

brilliant evening w/ friends dawn & anna, and dawny's daughters, brooklyn & allison.  brooklyn is a cheery sprite of a 4 year old.  allison did very well for her few month old self.  : )  we met at carlos o'kelly's, where i had not been for several years.  they have delicious chips!  anna & i arrived half an hour early, so we got to chat & eat chips & salsa while we waited for dawn & the girls to arrive.  i do so love our get togethers!!  

after dinner, i headed over to trish's for secret circle & awake.  and ice cream.  *laugh*  thanks, trish!!  excellent as always, as well!  

sarah texted me to let me know her mom is in the hospital w/ pneumonia, so please keep her in prayer.  found out from trish that our friend marcie's sister is also in the hospital w/ pneumonia, so more prayers, please & thank you!  

when i got home, i caught up w/ some castle.  two eps down, two to go!  i *heart* nathan fillion.  even tho the canadians at work were driving me batty today (not them, just the situations!), i still have much love in my heart for my canadian loves!  : )  

it is like 45 minutes past my bedtime, so i am off to sleep!  TGIF tomorrow for sure!!  


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