"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


oh yeah, i'm heading there.  

my day - sausage biscuit & yogurt for breakfast (yum!), phone calls, timecards, claims, claims, claims, vacations, phone calls, emails, wrap for lunch (yum!), emails, claims, claims, timecards, phone calls, rah rah rah!  *laugh*  yeah, it was pretty much go-go-go & busy.  but a good day!

after work i stopped by hallmark for mother's day cards for mom & grammy, then met becca & nate at village inn for PIE!  well, okay, i had some fish & chips & then 1/2 a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie.  PIE!  : )  it was nice to see becks, and her haircut (SUPER cute!), and nate was in a fun mood.  *grin*

it looked like it was gonna storm, the clouds were lookin pretty cool, but it didn't.  it must've somewhere, tho, because several of us had headaches all day & mine finally went away after dinner, and the air felt different - like it does after a rain, but it hadn't rained!  weird.  anyway, after dinner i went over to mom's to watch survivor.  (wow, they are STUPID!  if they were smart, they would have taken troy's deal.  maybe next week they'll smarten up.  LOL)  we had a nice discussion about things.  : )  

left mom's at 8:30 (after reading our zoo magazine - i wanna go to brookfield & see the snow leopards & the mini armadillos & the sun lizard & ...!!!) & dropped off the movies & came home to chat w/ joyums (yay!) and watch more GH.  ohhhhh soooo gooood!  

now, SLEEP beckons.  tomorrow should be a good day.  : )  blessings to you & yours!  


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