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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


mom & leyton picked me up about 7:30 & we went to applebee's.  leyton was very cuddly!  i love when he's cuddly!!!  : )  and dinner was tasty, too, which was a plus!  heh.

my friend stacey prayed w/ me for healing, and i have to say that my mouth does feel better and my tooth doesn't hurt.  i haven't taken any IB since before i left for dinner, which is hard because i have a headache!  but the headache isn't centralized to the tooth like it was before, so... idk.  i'm continuing to pray that it'll still be pain free in the morning!  : )  after i've slept on that side (i usually start off on my left side & then snuggle into my right side for the rest of the night.  heh!)

anyway, if you happen to read this tonight or tomorrow, please join me & stacey in our prayer of healing!  i would really be thankful to not have a root canal...!  but if i do have to have one, just pray for financing?  God always has a plan... idk what plan a root canal could serve, but i'll trust Him.

: )  night!

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