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Saturday, 7 April 2012


we went on an easter egg hunt today & leyton had lots of fun!  there was a bunny handing out cookies, too.  

after the hunt, which took all of fifteen minutes LOL, we went to the family museum to hang out for a couple hours.  the turtle exhibit will be going away next month to make way for a new one, so we had to say goodbye to the turtles.  i forgot to ask where they were going next!  

oh yeah, the music room.  LOL  mom was making faces because leyton kept telling her to drum/don't drum  

 "look at my big booty!"  is what he literally said while doing this.

we went outside for a bit, and the lilacs were blooming & there were pink ones & lavender ones.  they smelled divine & were so pretty!  : )  

it started raining, so we had to go back inside after a few minutes.  we stuck around inside for a little bit & then headed to CFA for a late lunch/early dinner before church.  i had a delicious chicken salad sandwich.  i hadn't had one in awhile, and i now remember why i love them!  *laugh*  

mom had to return some things to sam's, and leyton didn't want to go in, so we stayed in the van & played words & airplane & stuff.  : )  

then it was time to go to church.  leyton went to the nursery (which, he would have come in w/ us but mom thought there was a regular class going on for him) & had fun playing.  i only had one teeny tiny panic attack when there was a large group of parents all smushing in & then another one when i was in the big foyer full of ppl... but they both passed fairly quickly.  

the service was really nice.  i enjoy mom's church!  their worship songs are (mostly) really well done, and i like the pastors.  i really like the way they do communion.  unfortunately, i do not enjoy the crowds.  everyone there seems super nice, and even tho i have "clique" issues w/ church congregations, i wouldn't hold it against a specific church until i had reason to... anyway, it's just a big crowd.  

AFTER the service, tho, i saw someone in the crowd who is one of my favorite ppl from work.  she's a truly genuine, lovely christian lady with impeccable fashion sense!  : )  that really made the night a blessing!  

now i'm watching the end of Smallville & then off to bed!  tomorrow i'm over to mom's at 9:30 to hang out w/ leyton while phil sleeps & mom works the church nursery.  then we'll go to lunch & i might hang out & play cards at grammy's afterward.  

hope your Easter is brilliant!  : )  


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