"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 16 April 2012


tonight i'm lazing about, catching up w/ Once Upon A Time, finally (AWESOME!) - oh my goodness, the complexities and amount of stories in this show are truly amazing.  i love it!  : )  and also - eye candy.  yes, i admit it.  *grin*

speaking of great shows i love and eye candy - also got to catch up w/ The Finder, and later i'm hoping to watch either Battleground or GH, not sure which.  

for a monday, it wasn't bad at all.  super busy, so the day went by quickly.  it's weird, tho, how things are the same and yet not the same.  like, even when i work on the same things, they're all different w/in the sameness.  and sometimes i can feel my attitude shifting, wondering how they'll change things & if i'll still like what i do when they're done.  *sigh*  i am trying not to think about that too much, just every once in awhile it comes to mind.  

ummm... i've been on a tea kick lately.  drinking at least one iced tea a day has been quite refreshing!  i actually like unsweetened tea w/ lemon now, which is something i never thought i would enjoy.  

yeah, not very interesting today.  but one thing - 

happy birthday, leyton!  : )  jen sent me a couple pictures of the boys in the pool & napping on couches.  they had a fantastic day!  yay!


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  1. I missed GH today. Love "Once Upon A Time"...such a great show.