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Saturday, 21 April 2012

today, i ...

borrowed my status from someone - sarah, i think?

watched grimm, the finder, bones, celebrity apprentice, GH.  glee?  or was that yesterday?  : )  

baked oatmeal rasin cookies.

got groceries at WM - milk, hummus, wheat thin baked chips, soda, detergent, yogurt.

got dinner at taco john's & the guy said it was $6 something, and then when i got to the window he said $8 & i was like, uhh, no, you said $6!  and he argued w/ me.  cuz he had keyed in the wrong thing, and then corrected it & it was more.  but he'd also put 2 tacos instead of one there.  so i essentially got a free taco, but also annoyed.  lol  

returned ghost protocol so it wouldn't be late, and the cute guy who i like at the video store was there.  but i didn't go in - because i was in my pj pants & sweatshirt w/o a bra.  lol  and while i had no problem whatsoever getting groceries at WM like that (hey, i still had enough clothes on not to show up on ppl of WM!), i didn't feel like flirting w/ a cute boy like that.  LOL  

got to talk w/ my mom for a bit on the phone, which was nice.  

finally wrote back to 2 ppl in email that i hadn't written all month.  whoops!  sorry, guys!  


so, i think the rest of the night, i will finish last week's GH & then put in Footloose or Killer Elite or Fast Five & read my People & Us Weekly (Brad & Angelina are finally engaged!!).  


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