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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


hello!  today was a grumpy day.  if i was on the apprentice, i would have been like lisa on the book task today. *laugh*  i was just grouchy & things were annoying the crap outta me.  mostly because my tooth was hurting, and i'm pms'ing (thank me for sharing LOL) and feeling achy & blaaaaahh.  plus, ppl were just being ignorant today!  *laugh*  

a lot of stuff was going on - ppl arguing about missing the deadline for 2011 claims, ppl trying to do random weird crap w/ timecards, oh and a bunch of stuff coming thru for new hired employees.  when certain things hit the system, it generates an email to the new employees w/ instructions about forms to fill out & websites to learn about the company & where they'll be working.  of course there are some ppl who get errors or can't get into the various websites for one reason or another, and they send me emails, and i have to figure out what the problems are & how to fix them.  normally, this doesn't bother me much - you know i like to be investigative!!  : )  but today ... oh, grrr!  

and THEN!  we have this big push about communication.  which is great!  ppl need to be aware - but all of the communication seems to be ABOUT communicating, and not actually communicating the things that need to be communicated.  ya dig?  LOL  

on break, my wall-mate mentioned that my face looked a little swollen, and w/ the toothache... so i called the dentist & made an appt for tomorrow to take a look at the tooth i had filled on thursday.  i am really hoping that i don't need a root canal!  :(  and the thing is, after i made the call, my mouth started to feel better... it's still feeling okay right now, but then my tummy isn't feeling so well, so maybe i can only feel one area of pain at a time?  well, no, because my shoulder also hurts... oye.  i need a sleep-in day!  but none of that - gotta go to the dentist!  so then it's like, i don't WANT my mouth to hurt, but i don't want it to not hurt when i go in & then start hurting when i leave, ya know?  


anyway!  i'm watching celebrity apprentice & waiting for mom & leyton to pick me up for dinner.  i think we are going to applebee's cuz mom got a giftcard for her bday & she's gonna share.  nice mom!  : )  

i hope you're having a great tuesday night!  marianne, enjoy our matt on glee for me!  i don't get to watch it til next week!  lol 


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