"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 12 April 2012


i k now it's not the weekend yet.  *laugh*  but i am dreammmming!  ; )  

today wasn't bad.  i mean, for a gross day.  you know, that gross day?  anyway, it wasn't bad, thankfully.  and my mood seems to have improved, so the annoying things weren't QUITE so annoying today.  *laugh*  AND got to meet a cute boy.  : )  you know i love the cute boys!  *beam*  he was shy, too, so adorable!  

after work, i grabbed an iced tea & came home to get into sweats, watch an episode of GH, and then i'm going over to mom's.  she's bringing chinese home for dinner.  yay!  i'm going to watch missing & something else & awake - i think those are both on.  *laugh*  next week hopefully it'll be back to trish's for TRISH TIME and secret circle!!  was supposed to go over tonight but she's having a date w/ her husband.  the nerve!  ; )  (hope you two kids have fun!)  

STILL working on those pictures from last week.  i don't even know if there are any cute ones (really?  of course there are cute ones!  LOL).  hopefully maybe this weekend?  i also want to make a photo book for mom for mother's day... : D  


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