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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

family dinner

oh, i love my family!  love love love!  super blessed!  so happy to have them!!!  : ) 

oh, i love my friends!  love love love!  super blessed and so happy to have them, too!

oh, i love my job!  love love love!  super blessed and happy to have the perfect job for me.  

work was very well today, productive & got to help out some really nice ppl.  and had a delicious salad for lunch!  i mention this because i want to remember to get that salad again.  *laugh*  

after work, i called mom because i thought it was her day off (her days off are all changing now w/ summer approaching) & so i wanted to see if she was free for a movie.  she was not.  she was on her way to a sisters dinner for her birthday (my aunts on dad's side).  she invited me to come along, and i was happily just down the road from chili's, where they were meeting.  she said she'd be there in about 15 minutes, and it only took me 5 to get there, so i waited in the car playing on FB on my phone.  heh.

she called later to say she was giving someone a ride & would be a little late, so to just order her a water w/ lemon.  *laugh*  dinner was at 5:30 & i arrived at 5, so i just waited in the car until aunt nancy's car pulled up & out came aunts nancy, judy & vickie.  hugs all around!  aunts sharon & sandy arrived at just that time as well (wow, they all had pretty good timing!!  LOL), so we went in & got a booth & looked over menus & chatted til mom got there.  then there was more menu looking & chatting!  : )  

i hadn't really looked at the menu when it was my turn to order, so i just went w/ steak & shrimp.  but then mom asked if she could order from the lunch menu & our waitress said sure, and then i looked & saw chicken bacon quesadillas, so i changed my order to that & a bowl of chicken enchilada soup.  comparable to the chicken tortilla soup at work (which means very, very good!).  everything was delicious & i would have pictures except my camera was at home so the battery could be charged, as i wasn't expecting to be out w/ the girls!  *laugh*  

it was a super fun dinner, and i'm happy i was invited.  and during dinner aunts nancy & judy were talking about going to chicago at the end of the month to meet jenni (cousin; aunt judy's daughter who lives in alaska & will be in chi for a conference).  i invited myself along jokingly, but then they invited me for real so i said, YOU BETCHYA!!  woot!  and in may we're having aunt vickie's birthday dinner at aunt sandy's.  she & phil share a birthday.  as she says, "phil was my 17th birthday present!"  LOL  

my plan when i got home was to log in & see if april was still around, because we didn't get to talk yesterday much & i thought we would get to tonight, but then i didn't get home til 8!  about five minutes after i walked in, tho, matthew called, and we proceeded to chat for a couple hours.  i'm so happy i was HOME this time!!   : )   we talked about the last time we actually hung out in person - EIGHT YEARS AGO - at the st louis zoo, w/ erin!  it's about time for another visit, i think.  : )  

i tried to watch an episode of GH while i typed, but the computer is tired from yesterday's alcatraz-a-thon, apparently!  ah well, i am off to bed.  i hope your tuesday was unexpectedly awesome, too!!


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