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Thursday, 26 April 2012

the day i lost my crown

it was so nice to rule the small country of Alonia.  the position didn't pay much, but i had lots of time to spend with the ppl i love, and anything i needed was provided for me.  well, all of that will still be true.  

but i lost my crown.  it's very sad.

*laugh*  but i really did lose my crown!  i'm grateful that it happened this morning - i stopped at starbucks & got a walnut pastry (sooo good! and the perfect size!) & on my first bite, POP went the crown.  d'oh!  annoyed at the timing, REALLY annoyed at the timing!  but really quite grateful that it came off while i was awake & aware so i didn't ASPIRATE (hello, fancy word for CHOKING, yeesh!).  so i called the dentist when i got to work, and i didn't really feel as supported as i usually do.  like, before it fell off & we were talking about options or whatever, they said they would call & make the appt w/ the oral surgeon & talk about payments & yadda yadda.  so when i called, i was trying to get some details out of them, but they weren't very forthcoming.  they did give me the number for the oral surgeon so I could make the appt.  which, ya know, fine i can make the appt.  it's the fact that before they made it sound like they would be doing that or helping me w/ certain things & then when it came time for it - nada.


anyway, i made an appt for the extraction of the remaining tooth - not until may 18th, because they told me i'd need a day to recover & i didn't want to make it for a week day & miss more work.  (sad that that even factored in, don't you think?)  this weekend is chicago, next weekend is YANNI, the following weekend is baylee's wedding, so ... the 18th was my first free friday.  the dds said it'll be fine until then, since it's had a root canal.

it feels really weird, tho.  

other than that - and the derailed lunch plans - today was pretty good!  had 12 phone calls in 2 hours (compared to 2 calls all day yesterday!) and it was a little like being on the floor of the NYSE!  *laugh*  my wall-mate & her team & i were supposed to go out for her birthday lunch, but her manager pulled them all into a spur of the moment team lunch, so our plans got put on hold til next week.  everyone felt bad (including their manager when she found out) for leaving me to the wind, but it was alright.  i mean, disappointing, yes, but not "let's throw a tantrum or hold a grudge" disappointing.  LOL  

after work, i stopped by mom's to pick something up & then headed to trish's for a delicious (as always) dinner of chicken, sweet potato & corn.  mmmm!  al had some friends coming over to go over blueprints, and trish & i watched some TV & some clips of OUAT on the computer.  good times, good discussion, great friends!  : )  

i've been catching up w/ GH since i got home, but now i really need to hit the hay!  i have a lot to do tomorrow morning before aunt judy picks me up.

i hope your friday is AMAZING & happy!  *HUGS*  


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  1. GH has been CRAZY this week. Can't decide how I feel about the Jason/Sam situation. Part of me thinks that Jason is over-reacting a bit compared to what Sam is going through...she's carrying her rapist's baby! But...she should have just told Jason in the first place. And Connie/Kate/Johnny...!!! I love Johnny...no matter what.