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Sunday, 8 April 2012


hello bloggy friends!  i hope your Easter was blessed abundantly!  remember thru all the bunnies & candy & brunches & new hats, Easter is when we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord.  : )  He died on a cross for our sins - for my sins, for your sins! - but he didn't stay in the grave.  interestingly, he probably wasn't actually in the grave for more than the time it took to roll that stone in front of the grave, as he was very busy the three days btwn his death & his resurrection, fighting the devil for the keys to hell.  He fought for us, took away the sting of death.  basically, he was kicking butt during those 3 days.  woot!  and then... 

HE IS RISEN!  : ) 

so, that's what Easter is all about.  we remember His death, His sacrifice, and His BLESSING.  we remember His LIFE, and what it means for our lives.

: )  

along with that, i hope you also spent time w/ your family.  i did!  *grin*  i'll have pictures later - leyton & i played w/ his airplanes & his early birthday cake, and then board games & some cards.  mom got home around 12:30 & we were going to go out for lunch, but leyton wanted to stay in, and i really didn't want to go out today (knowing it would be crowded wherever we went!).  so mom picked up a pizza at casey's & it was particularly delish today!  heh.  

around 3, we went over to grammy's & played canasta w/ her & jan.  leyton brought some toys to keep himself occupied (along w/ angry birds on my phone, of course!).  aunt jan told us of her awful visit to ruby tuesday's for lunch today.  she & uncle jerry both ordered onion rings, which were burned; the biscuits were burned - twice; her steak was cooked correctly - 1/2 of it at least!; she'd ordered steak & lobster, and they brought her steak & shrimp; she'd ordered butter w/ the biscuits and her potato - no butter, then very little butter.  oh, and the extra kicker?  when they ordered, they were the ONLY ONES in the restaurant!  

so, yeah, they won't be going back there.  and altho i don't frequent there, i likely won't return, either.  word of mouth, ppl.  there are too many restaurant choices to go to a BAD one, or one w/ bad reviews.  if you want the business, if you want to STAY in business, you need to - at the very least - prepare ppl's food correctly.  

after our game (grammy & mom won, btw), mom, leyton & i headed back to her house & watched disney, played more games & snuggled.  : )  i came home after amazing race (brendan & rachel are still in it, yay!!)  & spent an hour & a half writing this post because my computer is being uncooperative.  bother.  now i am off to beddy bye!  : )  i wish i had tomorrow off - i loved this weekend, but it was definitely busy!  *laugh*  


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