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Friday, 6 April 2012


i am really enjoying season 10 of smallville!!  it's quite nice.  : )  

also really enjoyed sleeping til 9 today.  and i really only got up then because phil called my cell and then home. *laugh*  so i figured it was something important (it wasn't - but he knew i was "up" because i'd just played a word on words w/ friends... LOL!  i played it & went back to bed!!).  

i watched lots of smallville, went to hardee's for breakfast, and later met mom at the theatre for Mirror Mirror.  QUITE a good movie!!  :)  lots of fun, cute, kid-friendly (even tho there is a dwarf who is quite love-stuck w/ snow & makes a few inappropriate comments, but they're funny.  and not BAD comments by any means, just ... oh, idk!  *laugh* ).  anyway, it was a fun movie & mom & i both really liked it!  : )  

after the movie, we went (separately) to hy vee to get groceries.  that's always fun - we pretend we've just "run into" each other.  LOL  after i took everything home, i went to mom's & we had chinese for dinner w/ phil & leyton.  : )  GOOD TIMES!  leyton snuggled w/ me & played games on my phone.  it was a very nice time!  : )  

tomorrow we're going to an easter egg hunt & then idk what but i'm sure it'll be fun fun fun!  

my computer is being a brat & running & shutting down - and i'm not even trying to watch anything.  :(  and it won't let me start in safe mode.  ugh!  i'm trying to move all my pictures from the hard drive to photobucket.  we'll see what happens ... 

how's your weekend going?  got any big Easter plans?  


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