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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

open wide

dentist today went alright.  not the most fun, but not as torturous as the last time.  i was just happy to make it there & that they were able to get me in - i was running about 15 minutes late.  d'oh!!  i kept calling as i was on my way, because they schedule so tight & i didn't want to mess up any other end of the day appts, but i didn't want to have to reschedule, either.  it was all good, tho.  except that my hygienist said the crown on the tooth that needs to be extracted wiggled a bit as she was cleaning, so i'll need to make an appt for that sooner rather than later.  pooh.  idk where the money for that is going to come from... but i'd rather get it taken out before the crown comes off!!

work was kinda slow-going today.  i just am ready for my weekend away, ya know?  at least it was a productive day anyway!  

tomorrow i'm looking forward to birthday lunch w/ my wall-mate & her team (it's her bday!  happy bday wall-mate!), am going to try to convince her that uncle pete's would be good.  i love uncle pete's!  idk if she likes it, tho, so i guess since it's her birthday, that would be a plus.  LOL  anyway, after work is TRISH'S & SECRET CIRCLE *bounce bounce bounce*!  

i guess now it's bedtime.  LOL  was going to try to get to bed at 11, but i went over to mom's after work to watch Survivor & Criminal Minds.  only got to see mom for a minute & give her a hug cuz she didn't get home til 9 & that's when i left. 

tonight was a good hulu night.  i watched Glee (dance!  beegees!  love love love!) & Bones & a couple eps of Psych.  woot!  : ) 

hope you had a great wednesday, bloggy peeps!  



  1. wall-mate :) i love it. i hope you do go to Uncle Pete's :) and that she has a good birthday and you all have a great time celebrating!

    i've missed you!

  2. sadly, no uncle pete's. but she did have a good birthday! : )

    i miss you, too! you owe me a letter, mama! LOL