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Sunday, 22 April 2012

r e l a x a t i o n

that's what i did today, total relaxation.  : )  

i watched RED, which was AMAZING!   bruce willis is super sexy.  : )  

i watched the new Footloose.  i highly enjoyed it!  kenny wormald is a super sexy dancer!  : )  

i watched Killer Elite, which was not awful, but not my favorite.  but, jason statham is super sexy.  ; )  

i watched Fast Five, which is one of my favorite movies!  AND vin diesel is super sexy.  LOL  

then i switched gears & watched 13 Going on 30 - mark ruffalo?   you guessed it - super sexy!  LOL  

i guess that was today's theme.  : )  it was nice to stay in w/ movies & hulu all weekend, feeling the recouping powers of relaxation.  *laugh*  

not so relaxing was a conversation i had w/ my neighbor.  these neighbors always seem to start random conversations w/ me - not that i mind conversations in general, but these always seem to start in the middle.  ya know?  and today's conversation actually had a beginning, but then it somehow came to the subject of my neighbor's knives and bow, and his previous use of his skill to ward off gang members in his previous neighborhood.  it was a little... creepy.  the whole conversation was creepy, but not in a "i'm trying to creep you out" kind of way.  and my neighbor himself isn't creepy.  just the conversation.  idk why/how he even got to talking about it.  

anyway, staying on his good side!  *laugh*  he can definitely protect his family from ruffians, so that's a good thing!  

also not relaxing?  well, things i can't really talk about, but they're annoying me right now.  *laugh*  maybe i'll rant about them later at the other blog.  

anyway, it's about bedtime!  not ready for monday, but there'll be lots to do, so i better get ready!  *laugh*  hope your weekend was fabulous!


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