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Friday, 13 April 2012


i never had a prom.  christian school, dancing's from the devil, etc.  (even tho dancing is biblical, and it IS possible to have a christian dance where kids aren't all sexified, but whatevs!)  we had a banquet, which we could bring dates to, but it was ... awkward.  and i wore an awful white dress.  i hate white dresses.  :|   (well, okay, there are SOME pretty white wedding dresses, but if/when i ever get married, i plan on wearing a colorful print dress.)

since we didn't have dances, i never really learned how.  i mean, i love to dance, move to the music kinda dance.  but i never learned how to "slow dance."  i never got to do the awkward boy/girl shuffle dancing in jr high and high school that is a "rite of passage."  i've watched the story play out hundreds of times over the years.  movies, tv shows - when you love a genre about high school, you kinda see a lot of dances and especially proms.  heh!  and it doesn't matter that the story's always the same.  it doesn't matter that it makes me feel a little sad every time i watch.  it makes me happy, too, and that's worth it.  

even now, at 35!  : )   especially now, at 35, when for some reason watching them makes me miss not having a prom more than at any other age.  which is a little weird.  *laugh*  like, i never MINDED not having dances at the time.  but now i kinda miss not having those memories.  (in reality, had we had dances, i wouldn't have gone, so i wouldn't have those memories anyway, but sometimes nostalgia doesn't employ logic, so i'm just acknowledging that!)

anyway, tonight these thoughts were all brought about cuz i rented the movie, PROM.  *laugh*  gosh that is a sweet movie.  : )  i also rented moneyball, the third transformers (i'm planning to have a transformers marathon tomorrow night *grin*), and tower heist.  no real theme to this week's picks!  LOL  

i needed a good movie night & writing jog.  today was an okay day, a little stressy w/ one of my mailboxes because there were issues that i couldn't get a handle on that were annoying me.  but my wall-mate friend brought me a cherry turnover when she came back from lunch, and that was nice!  : )  the boss called me & marty in at the end of the day to tell us about some changes that will be going on w/ our jobs in the next couple months.  to say i'm not happy about these changes would be an understatement, but i'll give them a chance to be better than i think they're going to be.  i don't understand changing a system that works, a system that i've worked darn hard to make the best it can be at any given time, and it irritates me that i'm not allowed to ask questions about it w/o seeming "insubordinate" or "possessive" or something.  boo to that!  i'll also miss sitting where i sit, because i do enjoy my area.  but that wouldn't bother me nearly as much if the other part hadn't happened.   bother.  

anyway, i'm trusting the Lord - He hasn't steered me wrong yet, and i don't think He's starting now.  please, tho, if you think of it, say a prayer that He'll continue to guide and bless me in my job.  i really do enjoy it, and part of what scares me about these changes is that they'll make it so i don't.  ya know?  which is where the trusting and praying and joining in prayer comes in...

also on my prayer list for tonight is my friend sarah's mom, who had some testing done & the testing came back as not cancer (PTL!) but they don't know what it is, so they have to run more tests.  my friend georgette is having some health issues at the moment.  i'm having some pain & stuff that needs healing.  so if you could join in prayer on these things when you think of it, i'd be appreciative!  

after work i got to hang out w/ erin for a bit - we went to rudy's for dinner.  it was delicious & so nice to hang out, but i feel bad for erin because i wasn't in the greatest of moods!!  (til we started talking about GH & then i sorta perked up.  always easier, grand soap problems, than my own!)

not sure what's the plan for tomorrow, but i'm hoping to hang out w/ leyton!  we'll seeee!  for now, i think i'll see if i can watch an episode of GH or something & then it's off to bed.  i hope your day was full of only good surprises!  


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