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Saturday, 10 December 2011

christmas movie marathon!

today was the christmas movie marathon at trish's!  it was wonderful!  she made soup & grilled cheese for lunch, hot chocolate w/ hazelnut to drink.  YUMMY!  we watched 4 funny, sweet, sad, happy, awesome, excellent movies - Three Days (starring Kristen Davis & Reed Diamond), Chasing Christmas (Tom Arnold), and Once Upon A Christmas/Twice Upon A Christmas (Kathy Ireland & John Dye - and also Kirsten Prout, who is one of my favorite ABC Family actors - she was in Kyle XY & is currently in The Lying Game.  love!).  even tho i didn't really feel good today, it was a really nice time!!  especially as it got darker & the christmas lights came on!  : )  

we headed over to ariana's birthday party at 6, and i stayed for an hour.  the place was quite packed, and while it was nice to visit w/ marcie and megan and see the kids and "meet" their lizard (no, really, he's cute!)... after a bit the not feeling well & scores of ppl got to me.  so then i headed over to mom's to hang out w/ her & the boys & watch Cars 2.  cuuuuute movie!  from what i'd heard about it, i didn't think i would like it, but i really did!!  

mom & anthony were going back & forth, so i tried to diffuse that.  sometimes mom gets this tone, which she doesn't realize or doesn't care that it sounds MEAN and CUTTING.  it hurts my feelings sometimes, but i'm 35 and after years of experience and prayer and therapy, i can acknowledge the hurt and try to work thru it.  as a 13 year old full of hormones & emotions & everything - well, i remember how painful her tone & attitude was.  and don't get me wrong - anthony can push.  and push.  and PUSH.  but he is still a sensitive kid who tries really, really hard to NOT be sensitive.  even when he's being mean to leyton, i feel like a lot of that stems from how HE was treated by his step-sisters growing up...  

*sigh*  it's messy.  and i stood up for him a couple of times, earning mom's glare, but i don't care.  it accomplished what i wanted, which was for anthony not to feel so bad & i even got some smiles out of him!  : )  he always says stuff about ppl loving leyton more than him or whatever, but i tell him - he was my nephew first, and will always be my oldest nephew, and he has a special place in my heart because of that.  maybe someday that will actually sink in for him... *laugh*  

anyway, today was a blessed and lovely day, and also exhausting.  *laugh*  i feel like a kid fighting sleep tonight, tho.  like, all i really want to do is go to bed, but i keep remembering things i want to look up or something!  but i think it'll be this post & then zzzz time!  : )  

ttfn & have a GREAT night!!  how's your weekend so far?  oh, and before i forget - be sure to check out: 

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love ya!

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  1. I just love movie marathons!!! :) And Christmas movies are the best!! I do hope you're feeling better by the way. I hate thinking of you feeling under the weather!

    I'm so glad you stood up for Anthony even if it means getting your mom's glare. Sometimes parents definitely don't realise their tone. My father is the perfect example. Sometimes I'll ask him a question and his answer is so short. It's almost like he's real impatient and gets frustrated with me real quickly. But then everyone has their moments! I completely understand what you mean though about Anthony being your nephew first and that he'll always have a special place in your heart for that reason. My nephew is like that for me! :) He was the very first and from the first day I laid eyes on him, he's been the love of my life :) My weekend has been good so far :) I'm actually writing this from Philip's mom's house in Ft. Worth. I came to visit her with his grandmother, sisters and nieces and nephew to watch a Christmas play this afternoon. We've just been hanging out ever since :) We watched "Mr. Popper's Penguins" earlier - very cute! And now everyone is asleep and I'm catching up on blogs on his mom's lap top :) I should prob sleep soon - so I am not tempted to sleep in while everyone gets up early! ha Enjoy the rest of your weekend love! xo