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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

hump day!

tomorrow is thursday, hooray!

this morning i got to help out the big kahuna w/ some timecard questions.  
i like him, he's not afraid to say "thank you" and that is an EXCELLENT leadership quality, in my opinion.  : ) 

i also had a one on one meeting w/ my boss & we talked about some recognition things, and that was very nice, too.  

i was quite productive today!
went to the PO at lunch & mailed off a couple packages.
saw becca & nate & dylan!  that was a neat "God wink" as she calls it.  
i got all my claims confirmed & audited - well, and then a new batch came in, so those aren't audited yet, but will be tomorrow!
helped someone figure out how to send over 200 pictures to me tomorrow.  woot!

after work, i went to kohl's & got some cuuuute gifts.  i'm excited!  
i also found a new purse for $20.  hooray me!  it's dark plaid.  

then i met mom & the boys at village inn for dinner - grown up grilled cheese & cherry pie.  
i love my nephews (and nieces).  : ) 

didn't have time to make it to target before heading to trish's, so i'll hopefully do that tomorrow btwn work & leyton's program.  
survivor was WOW!  

now i must go to sleep.  i'll upload some pictures tomorrow of tonight.
hope you're having a fabulous week so far!  
PTL for Thursday!  


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