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Friday, 2 December 2011

*bounce*  happy friday everyone!  : )  

caught up w/ my blog list & GH.  man, what are they trying to do on that show?!  robin's in turmoil, jason & sam are in turmoil... and what the heck is up w/ maxie??  i know kristen storms had appendicitis awhile back, but shouldn't she be back to work by now?  :(  i hope she's okay!!!  (okay, i googled, and she's been off since september, and it was only supposed to be for 1-2 months, so hopefully she'll be back sometime in december...?!  her temp replacement isn't bad at all - i kinda like the actress.  but i want kristen back!!)

watched an episode of Stossel on free speech in the US & how it's not really free.  it's sort or a matter of perspective, tho.  for instance, there are countries where expressing a negative opinion against the government can get you thrown into jail, or killed.  there are countries where the number of children you are allowed to have is mandated by the government - and speaking up against it could get you jailed, or killed.  there are countries where every single thing in the  paper or on TV has been whitewashed to the point where citizens don't know the truth anymore.

oh, wait, that last one COULD be our country... except that here, when it feels like every single paper and TV station has it wrong, we do have the ability to start our own publication or show ... 

anywhoo, enough of that for now!  : )  

almost got to hang out w/ leyton tonight, but he & anthony ended up being sick w/ the flu (according to jen's fb status, anyway.  i hope they are all feeling better tomorrow!!).  :(  

got a few more christmas gifts under my belt.  woot!  AND i saw my cousins brandi & traci at marshall's.  it was nice to see them & chat for a few minutes!  love random family sightings!  : )  

i was going to try to hit the PO tomorrow & mail a couple packages, but i didn't get them packaged up tonight (GH and blogs!)!  tomorrow is lunch w/ nicki & stacy at osaka buffet & i am looking forward to hanging out & catching up & all that jazz!!  and also, SUSHI!!  and maybe a crab ragoon or three.  : )  

not sure what's going on in the afternoon.  hopefully just coming home to get the christmas stuff done & read some Mockingjay (still not done!).  then, dinner at the mexican restaurant w/ becca for more hanging out & catching up & whatnot!  and also, tacos!  

mmm?  i think that's enough for now.  it's 11:30 & i'm TIRED & i still want to read for a bit.  since it's the weekend, i'm allowing myself to stay up til 12:30 instead of just 12.  

what're your plans for the weekend?  anything fun?  telllll me about it!   : )  


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