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Sunday, 25 December 2011

oh christmas lights

merry Christmas, y'all!  did you have a good one?  did the kids have fun opening presents?  did YOU have fun opening presents?  my day was very nice, then a little stressful, then very nice again.  

i got up early, about 8, to get started on laundry & dishes & things.  reallllly didn't want a pile of dishes to come home to!  *laugh*  i continued my tradition of a very buffy christmas, started many years ago when matthew sent me the first season of the show.  : )  i read Safekeeping (almost done!) & text-chatted w/ a couple ppl.  

mom picked me up at 3 & we stopped at aunt jan's so mom could give her a gift & i could give grammy a gift.  we basically did a "drive by gifting" - jan's family was having their christmas celebrations & we didn't want to interrupt!  plus, we had to get to our own festivities!  heh.  

it was a good turn out at our christmas.  i did miss my cousin gigi, tho.  :(  sorry, georgine.  but i always think of her as gigi!  *laugh*  especially since there's a gigi on OLTL, so ya know?  anyway, it was a really great time w/ family & food & fun!  i think i got to talk w/ everyone, except uncle john, d'oh!  a group of us played a couple hand of Phase 10, which we unfortunately didn't get to finish the game because it was time for the white elephant exchange!  that was a lot of fun - but it also caused me to have a slight breakdown... 

see, there is this print that has been in our family since i was born.  it's of a girl in a barn, and my aunt carol has the same print (or had, i guess idk if she still has it!).  i love that picture, but i guess never expressed that to mom?  i never thought she would try to get rid of it... well, she put it in the white elephant exchange, unbeknownst to me, and my cousin traci got it.  when she opened it, and i saw it (i was sitting right next to her, thank God), i didn't think at all i just reacted w/ a giant and possibly overly loud "NO!"  mom started arguing w/ me, "Yes," and i went into panic mode.  traci very kindly traded me for whatever my white elephant end gift was.  it was a big mess, tho, w/ mom, because she proceeded to argue w/ me about it IN FRONT OF MY ENTIRE FAMILY.  

she didn't know - I didn't know! - how much the picture meant to me.  i had never thought of the possibility that it wouldn't be there, ya know?  and then the fact that this all went down in front of everyone, and that i basically had freaked out in front of EVERYONE, i was shaking so badly... after everything went down, i had to go outside for a smoke, which i normally would NOT have done but it was like, i just had to get OUT of there.  anthony made a snide remark as i was leaving & i snapped at him (i apologized later) because my emotions were just raw & on the surface right then!  

i'm so grateful that traci ... i'm just grateful that she gave it to me.  and i tried to explain it to mom, on the drive home, but i'm not sure she really "got" it even then.  *sigh*  but i have it & i will have to put it up when i get home - i tried right when i got home but put the hooks too close to the thermostat so i have to re-do them.  oye!!  

anywhoo!  that was just a brief lil panicky thing & it's okay & i'm okay... 

the boys spent the night w/ gramma, so on the way home we looked at some christmas lights & it was a nice little hang out.  : )  sadly, i don't have pictures of tonight yet, because my camera fell out of my pocket - but thankfully it just fell out in mom's car, so i'll get it tomorrow.  idk that i'll have time to upload anything before we leave, tho, so i'll have to come back to this post & add them in later!  heh.  i got some really good ones, too!  especially of bentley, cousins matt & johnna's newest addition.  : )  

when i got home, after i called mom & she & anthony & leyton found the camera, i got to chat w/ april & my cousin baylee for a bit.  hooray!  and erin, because she called when she got home from her christmas in chicago.  : )  

now i must go finish packing & finish my book & get to bed!!  mom's picking me up around 9 & we have to stop at WM so i can pick up my Rx & the cd (yanni!) that joy sent me.  then we'll be driving east for 6 or 7 hours, and stop wherever we stop for the night!  heh.  

i am soooooo looking forward to this trip, to seeing april & her family & spending some quality time!!  i'm looking forward to hanging out w/ mom, and praying that we GET ALONG.  !!!  i'm looking forward to the spy museum & monuments & the aquarium & eating out!!!!  : )  God is good, and i am so grateful for His blessings!!!  

goodnight & stay tuned for pictures!  


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