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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


is a dish best served cold.

anyone watching this show?  soooo good, but it confuses me sometimes, too.  like, i THINK i know what's going on, and then TWIST!  and i can't tell if certain things are part of emily's plans or hurdles & then nolan... poor nolan.  *sigh*  

i went over to trish's to watch survivor (EXCELLENT ep!  oh my goodness, someone's dad may have lost him the game.  oye!  no spoilers in case you haven't seen, but watch out for that guy!).  i ended up staying to watch harry's law (mark valley's in it, *hearts*) & then revenge.  so awesome!  

before trish's, i went to mom's for dinner, to hang out w/ her & leyton.  : )  

work was pretty exhausting, but it was a good day.  lots accomplished, and it FELT like it, so that's a plus.  : )  i did get in later than i'd wanted - i had planned to go in at 7 to help put up the tree & such, but didn't get there til 7:45.  still got to help put decorations on, tho!!  yay!  tomorrow i have a meeting (or two?) so it'll be - another - busy day, busy day, all around.  lol

what'd you get up to today?  : ) 


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