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Saturday, 24 December 2011

the best way to spread Christmas cheer...

...is singing loud for all to hear.  : )  

yep, watching ELF.  it makes me happy.  i would really like to watch White Christmas tomorrow, if i can ever FIND the darn thing!  why it's hiding, i've no idea.  *laugh*

today was a pretty nice day.  finished up ballykissangel, read Safekeeping again (it's one of my favorites!), and then went to church w/ mom (i really like her church for the most part, but tonight's service seemed a bit odd for a christmas eve service.  there was communion, tho, which i love!).  after church, we all met at mom's for presents & pizza.  : )  it was a really nice night!  

 anthony started out camera shy... LOL 

 thankfully, leyton is NOT camera shy!  ; )  

 and anthony warmed up when he opened pressies!   

love this picture!
it'll be on next year's calendar for sure!  : ) 

 phil was on his game tonight - he had LOTS of clever comments goin on!

 Little Drummer Boy  : )  

 mom got the LAST cheesecake variety pack available in the freezer case.
when she got it out & was serving it up, it was still pretty frozen.
she dropped phil's piece on her *clean* kitchen floor & was explaining how it wasn't TOO bad, and phil came back w/ SEVERAL hilarious comments, such as how the whipped cream wasn't even dented, but it probably took a chunk out of her linoleum.  LOL  
 agh should have edited these, sorry about the red eye! 

 he is such a good sport!

i want stripey christmas socks!!!  will have to check out WM after christmas... : ) 

there was some hilarity surrounding the gifts.  remember those calendars i worked so hard on?  well... apparently i worked so hard i forgot to double check that everything was in order - jen's calendar backgrounds did NOT match the seasons like they were supposed do.  and i forgot to put leyton's birthday on BOTH mom & phil's calendars.  WHAT?!  how does that even happen?  again, i've no idea.  oye!  poor kid!  i did remember anthony's birthday on everyone's calendars at least... *laugh*  

and leyton took a picture of me wearing the santa hat, but it didn't turn out.  as in - he didn't actually get the part of me wearing the hat!!  heh.  

everyone liked their ornaments, and phil, jen & the kids got me & mom movie giftcards, so hooray!  we can go to more movies in january!  heh. 

ahhh.  what a blessed night!  PTL!  : )  tomorrow is christmas w/ dad's side, which means more fun!!  : )  

what're your plans for christmas?  i hope it will be blessed & happy & amazingly beautiful.  



  1. My kids got to see White Christmas for the first time today. They all liked it, especially Bud (as I expected). Merry Christmas!

  2. aww! that is so neat! i didn't get to see it for the first time til a few years ago! heh.
    happy christmas!!!