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Monday, 19 December 2011

incredible, edible egg

aka - the search for dinner, aka - dinner in 3 parts.

so, today was pretty stressful.  i woke up late, like an hour and a half late, so apparently i was tired.  or having really good dreams.  heh!  i thought i'd take the opportunity to stop at the PO, since it was just about the time they opened.  holy buckets, batman!  it was 8:35, according to my phone, the doors still weren't open & there was a line clear back to the PO boxes.  i said, "never mind!" and headed in to work!  i put together some of the christmas cups last night & so brought in a box of them.  instead of delivering them, since everyone's so busy, i just sent out an email to my team, for them to come collect their cups when they had a chance.  1/2 the team was excited & got them, the other half never showed up.  i'm not entirely sure how to take that, but trying not to let it hurt my feelings...  lots of timecard things going on, as happens on mondays & tuesdays normally.  i did get a lot accomplished, so it was a good day, just w/ everything going on, feeling a bit of the stress!  

i left at 4:30 (taking an hour of vacation for the morning instead of staying til 5:30) & planned to stop at WM for gas, Target for the rest of the christmas cup candy, and chick fil a for dinner.  well, did 2 outta 3!  i plum passed right by CFA & then remembered i was going to stop there when i was already far enough past it that i didn't want to turn around.  *laugh*  so i thought i'd just order some good 2 go.  i want sushi!!!  however, i didn't really want to pay that much, since i am keeping my monies for the trip!  but when i was thinking about it, i filled out an order online & i was 10 cents off from the minimum order for delivery.  i called to see if i really couldn't order 10 cents less, and she said unfortunately the boss was the only one who could override that rule, and the boss wasn't there.  bummer!  i said thank you & looked at the site some more before deciding i wasn't going to spend that money.  a few minutes later, the lady called back to see if i was going to order, because it didn't come thru her screen.  LOL  whoops!  apparently they'd been having computer issues & she wanted to make sure if i HAD ordered that it came thru.  then i felt bad for not ordering, but not really bad, just ... and she was very nice, it wasn't like she was expecting me to order.  i'm explaining it badly, sorry!  suffice it to say, good2go is an awesome company.  : )  

however, instead of the desired sushi for dinner, i ended up w/ a bowl of golden grahams & then i hardboiled some eggs.  ate the cereal about 8 & the eggs when they finally cooled off about 10!  talk about a spread out dinner!!  heh... 

i got to chat w/ april tonight (yay!) and a bill collector (boo - but i did set up a payment plan that i thought was already set up, so i guess that's good) and gette a little.  it's so funny - she posted about what she made for dinner, and stacy & i both commented that we wanted to come over for dinner, and it turned into an invite for dinner.  now, gette lives 2 hours away, and stacy & i haven't seen each other in... YEARS.  matter of fact, after the whole dinner conversation & we set up a car pool for next month to go down there & i sent her a friend request so we could plan it out - she was like, "do we know each other?"  LOL  once i told her my last name, tho, she did remember me, so that's a plus.  otherwise it'd be "random ppl taking a road trip to see mutual friend..."  LOL  

it's just funny how things happen sometimes, how ppl come back into your life (or, the less fun, unexpectedly disappear until before you know it you haven't heard from them in 3 years or 5 years or 10 years - and you don't know why)!  

anywhoo...  gotta get to bed!  don't want to oversleep tomorrow or be a cranky butt!  *laugh*  oh yeah, i watched Glee and Grimm (as i said on fb, ironically worded show choices!) & enjoyed both.  : )  


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