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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

i am santa claus!

well, i am A santa claus.  LOL  i played santa today quite nicely.  : )  no beard, no red suit, but i'm quite happy to forgo both of those things.  maybe a red dress... ; )  

anyway, i went to target after work yesterday & got the rest of the candy for cups.  this morning, i put them in our breakroom & let everyone know they were in there for the taking.  (apparently my method of letting everyone know ruffled a feather or something, but :p~~~)  i love doing the cups, but this might be my last year.  idk, i might just do them for my team, but then i overheard someone else saying "it's officially christmas now because the cups are here, it's a christmas tradition!"  so... i like to make ppl happy...!  this afternoon, our team gifted our boss w/ her gifts, and she really liked them.  hooray!!  : )  

my day went pretty well - a little stressy & i didn't leave til 4:15 because i forgot i was supposed to leave at 4.  d'oh!  *laugh*  the last hour of my day was spent on a benefit policy issue, trying to get information for some ppl, and i lost track of time, i guess!!  but in the end, i was able to get the answers they needed, so it was all worth it!!  : )  

after work, i stopped at a friend's to drop off her christmas gift, and her son (who is the same age as leyton) gave me a candy cane off the tree.  so sweet!!  warm fuzzies for sure!  

i went to hallmark & then chatted w/ juli - i'm playing santa for her & the kids tomorrow after work when i stop by w/ presents & to play w/ the kids for a bit.  picked up adolph's for dinner (yummy!) & headed home to chat w/ april & text w/ stacy to figure out deets for our trip to georgette's in january.  woot!  i read blogs & watched a christmas lights display on sarah's blog & read a bunch of DYAC postings.  LOL  

now i am going to quit playing on the interwebs & read for an hour & then hit the hay.  i had really great dreams the past two nights, here's hoping that trend continues!  : ) 

ttfn!  and also - happy almost christmas to you!!!  (if you don't celebrate christmas, please read that to say, happy almost sunday to you!)  ; )  

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