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Thursday, 15 December 2011


i ordered mom's & phil's & jen's calendars from walgreens.com.  i ordered one for mom last year & it's AWESOME, so i wanted to do the same thing this year.  i love their calendars, i love the process of creating them.  they even let you put pictures into the date squares, which is just so neat!!  unfortunately, walgreens.com doesn't want to let me checkout w/ my purchases!  : (  so, i called customer service & got disconnected from the first gal, who was calling one of the local stores to see if they were having issues.  i called back & got another very helpful gal, but unfortunately she wasn't able to resolve my issue.  double :( :( !  she did escalate it & also gave me some free prints on my next order, so that was VERY good customer service!  : ) 

still, it doesn't help me get my calendars here before christmas!  part of the problem is that apparently walgreens has separate gift cards for use in store, online, and online at their photo dept.  HUH?  that is a big ol' WTH? in my opinion!  i  mean, i use gift cards online all.the.time.  that is how i christmas shopped last year - target, WM, and i thought walgreens.  but i must have used paypal for that last year.  had i realized the gift card wasn't going to work, i would have just put that money into my paypal account!  alas... 

so, hopefully i can go back to walgreens tomorrow & exchange my gift cards for PHOTO giftcards that will work online.  

other that that, and the fact that it's now nearly 12:30 & i really need to get to sleep, today was pretty cool.  : )  work went well, got a LOT accomplished, which was an answer to prayer!  after work, i hit target & came one step closer to being done w/ the christmas shopping.  i forgot to stop at the JD store, so hopefully i'll remember THAT tomorrow as well.  

leyton's program was very cute, even tho phil & i were in the baaaack & couldn't actually SEE leyton.  the singing was very nice, at least!  : )  and after the program, we went upstairs for cookies & punch (of which i did not partake) & leyton was pleasantly surprised that i was there.  *laugh*  he kept saying, "i can't believe you made it, aunt carrie!"  heh.  i told him, "well, duh, i was here last year too, ya know!"  LOL  

he conned shelly out of one of her cookies - she'd brought him 3 cookies.  phil ate one, he ate two, and then he looked across at shelly & said, "what i'd really like is a red cookie..." which she had on her plate.  LOL  so she handed it to tiny & tiny handed it over.  it was hilarious and cute.  oh, and then santa appeared... heh!  

he & phil had quite a good time, and i even got an awesome shot of anthony SMILING!  *bounce*  oh yes, it made it to the calendars.  : )  

after the program, i hit WM because it was only 8 & i needed to get a gas card & some shipping boxes & more christmas cups.  i thought i had all that i needed, but then when i counted i only had half.  d'oh!  so while i was in the checkout line, i read part of Us magazine which had a great article about christmas w/ will & kate & it was so cute!  i just love them.  : )  oh, AND as i was in line, all of a sudden my friend from work rammed her cart into mine & we started mock fighting.  lol  we thought the lady in front of me was gonna lose it.  heehee.  but then we realized that her son, who is 7, had never met me & he was looking a little worried, like "who is this lady yelling at my mom?"  so we had to explain that one!  LOL  

okay, that about does it for today!  :)  tomorrow is our christmas lunch & white elephant gift (oh shoot, i have to remember to bring something!) and then tomorrow night is our big HR party.  wheee!  i'm hoping mom & i can stay for an hour or so & then go see the new mission impossible movie!  

i hope your day was LOVELY and that you have an awesome friday!  : ) 


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