"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 3 December 2011


3 brothers were stranded on the side of a road.  i drove by & stopped to see if they were okay.  i didn't want to let them in the car because they could be crazy killers or something, but i asked if they wanted to use my phone to call their parents.  i must've been a teenager, because the oldest boy was about 19 or 20 & i had an instant crush.  i was especially impressed w/ how he helped his younger brothers.  (altho later one was a younger sister.)
next scene was at my old house, the one lost to the bank, but we were living there again.  i was dancing around to christmas music, when suddenly he was there, the boy/man i crushed on.  he said he came by to thank my mom for her hospitality (?) and asked if i'd come sit on the porch w/ him.  so i went outside & before his brother & sister would let us be alone, he had to grant them each a wish.  idk what the brother's wish was, but the sister wanted unlimited hugs for a week.  : )  so, he agreed & they left & then we were starting to talk about our relationship (??) & then i woke up.
this was one of those times i woke up a little discombobulated, unsure if i was waking from a dream or having a memory.

fun, right?  : )  

today was quite busy!  got up around 9 & read Mockingjay.  left for lunch at 11.  it was GREAT to see nicki & stacy & chatter away!  well, listen to them chatter away, i don't think i talked much, but i get like that sometimes.  i just enjoy listening... 

nicki had a gift for me - the lovely mickey figurine above.  isn't he cute on that JD tractor??  : )  

i ate too much sushi!  by about 3 pieces, i think.  3 pieces and 1 crab ragoon less would have been perfect.  d'oh!  but it was gooooood!  i admit to having seconds of the crunch roll & something else.  *laugh*  

after lunch, i went to the library & finished the book before turning it in.  it was waitlisted, so i'm sure someone was happy to have it back!  lol  if i hadn't been so full, i would have stopped in the cafe for a coffee.  i hadn't been there in SO LONG!  

then i came home for a couple hours & worked on some christmas stuff.  put together two boxes & then it was time to meet becks for dinner at la rancherita.  another GREAT visit & conversation.  i am so blessed by my friends!!  : )  when we left, i went over to the dollar store & WM w/ her, and found some postcards, yay!  

got home at 7:30 & had postcards from belgium & Massachusetts (which i'll scan in later) and my People.  edited & set up some Menu posts.  watching some Supernatural & put together 2 more christmas packages & am thinking bed sounds nice!  : ) 

how was your saturday?  anything fun??


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