"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 8 December 2011

once upon a time...

there was a girl who usually crushed on older men, generally 10-20 years her senior.  
one day, she met a man 9 years her junior, and a crush was born.

it's just a crush, not riding off into the sunset.
unless, you know, he wants to.  LOL 

today was pretty good, altho by about 2:30 my mind was mush, mush, mush, and i still had 2 more hours to be productive!  heh.  my archive boxes arrived after lunch & i spent a couple hours pouring thru them - which contributed to the mush brain.  *laugh*  

bret texted to see if i could pick him up after work & take him to blue grass, so i did.  stopped at mcdonald's for a quick dinner of holiday pie.  have you had their holiday pies??  if you like custard, you should totally try them!  anyway, i picked him up, gave him a pie, & we went to WM so he could pick up his new phone before heading out of town.  
his phone sorta made me want a touch screen... 
and virgin mobile has a touch screen w/ a slide out keyboard... for $80!  
i could maybe do that... : ) 
but i probably won't, not right now anyway.  i like my loft, and i've only had it a year for pete's sakes!  

speaking of petes, when i got home, i chatted w/ april a bit & watched OUAT (oh my heck, soooo saaad but soooo good!) & warehouse 13's christmas episode.  i love the guy who plays jiminy cricket on OUAT & the guy who plays pete on W13.  : )  (and they are both more my normal "type" LOL)

now i'm gonna watch terra nova & try to get to bed around 11!  : )  

TGIF tomorrow!