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Friday, 9 December 2011

New Year's Eve Review

ah, it was a nice day.  
i did get to spend some quality time crushing on my crush. 
must take advantage of it while i can!  *laugh*  

after work, mom & i went to see New Year's Eve.
it was CUUUUUTE!  
seriously, the cast is brilliantly put together.
jon bon jovi, katherine heigel, JOSH DUHAMEL (major crush!), ashton kutcher, leah michelle, ZAC EFFRON (crush!) did an amaazing job... hector elizandro (sp?)(CRUSH).

i'm a little boy crazy this week, yes?  LOL 

so, the movie was sweet, FUNNY (lots of laughter throughout the theatre), just the right touch of romantic.  i got the warm fuzzy feeling.  it was about love, but not just romance.  it was about love btwn a father and daughter, mother and daughter, friends, married couples, LOVE!  
so, yes, i recommend spending your money to see this one.
i'd actually like to go again.
and will own it.  : )  
oh, and the outtake stuff during the credits - HILARIOUS!  

mom & i got into a little dustup on the way out, because i tried to pay her for my half of our DC trip, and she didn't think it was enough, and instead of saying it like a normal person, she got all snippy and acted like i wasn't going to pay her.  idk, i'm not really mad or upset, exactly, as it was just typical mom stuff.  i guess i was disappointed at the way she approached it, because i thought we were past her treating me like that.  past her assuming i was doing something wrong or ... something.  
anyway.  we're fine.  it just made me have a moment of - oooh, i was gonna just go on my own, why'd i have to invite her?  but i WANT to go w/ her, i just WANT her to not be a witch on our trip.  : )  

anyway, time to go to bed.  tomorrow is christmas movie time at trish's!  woot!


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