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Monday, 12 December 2011


today was in some ways a typical monday - busy & hectic & whatnot.  in others, it felt more like a friday - managers joking around w/ us & such.  i really am blessed to work w/ a good bunch of ppl, and i'm quite thankful!  also thankful for tortilla soup at lunch time, because it was quite a nice surprise!  

got stuck in awful traffic on the way home.  took me twice as long to get here!  thankfully i'd gone to the loo before leaving & stopped at mcd's so i wasn't uncomfortable.  and i had trish to text with!  *laugh*  still, waiting in traffic is never the IDEAL, ya know?  hopefully if there was an accident on the bridge everyone is okay!!  

i watched Psych & Terra Nova when i got home, baked some cookies & read some blogs.  and had a little snuggle time w/ angel, because she needed it.  i also got some laundry done!  actually, now that the oven and the dryer are both off, it's kinda chilly in here.  i'll have to run a load before i go to bed!  *laugh*  

and that's pretty much my monday!  i am planning to go to bed early tonight - i am TIRED!  

what'd your monday look like?  and have you entered the menu giveaway yet?  i need to get to work on the new posts...!  


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