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Thursday, 22 December 2011


today seemed to take forever.  you know, the way the last day before christmas break does?  cuz, well, it was the last day before christmas break!  *laugh*  i am so grateful to have a job that A) i love and B) gets off the week btwn christmas & new year's, plus christmas eve & nye.  : )  

i'm also grateful for friends, christmas gifts ($10 gc to WM from marty, diet coke ornament for marty, isabel bloom ornament from casie, twilight stuff for casie, Ballykissangel from matthew, JD stuff for matthew, stationery from sarahbug, cupcake snow globe for sarahbug, a turtle & gc from debi, ornaments for debi (i think, oh my heck, i have had a brain fart)... love love love my friends!!), my brother who will be watching the house & kitty while i'm away, my nephew who is fun to hang out w/, my mom who is awesomely helpful and will hopefully be in a good mood for our trip... 

i picked up leyton from godfather's where he & jen were eating dinner, and picked up subway for my dinner (and he talked me into buying him a cookie...).  we went to look at christmas lights & he took some pictures.  

it was really neat, and his gasps when he saw lights he really liked DELIGHTED me!  : )  

we came home & i picked up my mail - gift from matthew & card from taiwan & letter from cousin sue.  woot!  when we got to the house, i had to SPRINT inside because i'd had to go to the loo for the past hour.  poor leyton, he knew i had to go to the loo, but he didn't get out of the car when i told him to & so i had to go inside & then he ran out of the car & followed but he was crying because it was of course dark & i didn't mean for him to be scared, but i had to GO!  poor kid.  :(  of course, if he just would have listened when i told him to get out of the car, that would have been avoided... heh.  

we played for a bit & watched phineas & ferb & ate popcorn & vacuumed & then he had a hard time going to bed, but finally settled down & is sleeping soundly now.  : )  then i was able to chat w/ april for a little bit & watch terra nova & an ep of GH.woot!  

now i am super tired & am hoping leyton will let me sleep til 8, but we'll see!  

happy almost christmas, party peeps!  : )  what've you got going on this weekend??


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