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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

sleepy time

warm the tea.
have a biscuit.
go to sleep, little ... erm... idk what rhymes w/ biscuit?

anyway!  was at work from 7:15 - 5:30 tonight.  it was a good day, but oh my heck so BUSY!  every time i started to get into a good pace w/ the claims, a timecard question or a vacation issue or something would pop up!  my mantra of "better busy than bored" was certainly on fire today!  *laugh*

when i left, i stopped at hy vee for a slice of pizza for dinner & then came home to veg out!  caught up on Castle & Psych - they both crack me up so much!!  what else?  oh, got a couple more Menu posts scheduled.  hooray!  i was going to do a giveaway but i haven't had time to write it up.  so, we'll see if i can get to that this weekend... : )  

zzzzzzz's are calling!  i got a really neat postcard from russia, of a turtle statue made of wood!  but i haven't scanned it in yet.  seriously will need to get on that!  and also writing out christmas cards.  and also picking a new book to read.  

but for now - sleep!  : )  what'd you do today?  


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