"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 18 December 2011

i'm a survivor (fan) (no spoilers, trish)

today was pretty fantabulous!  : )  made it to the mall to pick up the toppers for some christmas presents, saw an old co-worker of mine from the insurance company.  i hadn't seen her since i left, so that would have been about 6 years ago or so.  i recognized her voice.  heh.  and she recognized me back, which always makes me feel good!  : )  we had a little chat & merry christmas & then i had to check out & get to brunch!

the inn we (me, amy, trish, al & marcie) went to for brunch had a lovely buffet!!  all sorts of goodies, and my particular favorites were the biscuit & gravy, crab stuffed mushrooms, and some sort of white fish w/ spinach & a yummy tarter sauce!  i also had a waffle triangle & some not-crispy-enough bacon, which were both tasty.  it was a really good visit & i love my friends!  : )  we exchanged gifts & all oohed & ahhed over everything - trish was inspired by our trip to the christmas store last month & made us lighted jars.  neato!!!  al left us to our conversations after he ate, and then marcie's friend terry showed up later.  he seems like a nice guy & all, but i find it a little creepy how he shows up unexpectedly every time we're out to lunch w/ marcie.  it'd be different if A) they were dating/married and B) she knew he was coming, but as it is... of course, that could just be my own projections because ppl make me nervous & unexpected ppl at meals make me REALLY nervous, so it might just be me!  ya know?  

after we left, trish & i stayed outside & chatted for awhile.  she's off on an adventure this week, and having lots of fun, i hope!!  : )  

then i came home & watched Holiday Inn, since i still can't find White Christmas, and i really enjoyed it!  i love bing crosby.  : )  i have heard he wasn't a very nice man IRL, but he could sing like a dream and i like his movies, so there.  i got my christmas cups put together for my work team - and decided i'm just going to bring in the rest of the cups & candy separately & let ppl take them if they want them, rather than delivering to each desk.  the delivery part causes me anxiety, especially after another co-worker made a comment about how i do too much for ppl who don't really care anyway.  maybe she knows something i don't & ppl don't really like the cups.  so, whatever, they can stop by my desk for one if they want it.  and if not, well, i'll sell them on ebay.  LOL  

i watched i'll be home for christmas and a random episode of smallville that i found in my movie bin.  then i headed to mom's for SURVIVOR!  w/o giving anything away i will just say it was pretty exciting, and next season (starting in february) looks AMAZINGLY INTERESTING!  : )  

and now i didn't get home til 11 & it's midnight, so i must get to bed.  this is a short week!  oh, and i asked leyton to spend the night thursday, so looking forward to that!  : )  then friday after i take him home, i'll be hanging out w/ erin, yay!!  saturday is christmas eve & then christmas in a week & then mom & i will be off to DC!!!  : )  excited!

what're you up to this week?  


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