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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How Glee Got Me Back

so, y'all know how i've been a little off glee lately, right?  the music was still making me happy, but the sue storylines among others were just making me throw up my hands & not even want to watch.  due to the way fox shows play on hulu (they go to the pay part of hulu right away, but the free part doesn't get them for 8 days after they air - i'm just grateful to get to watch TV for free, ya know?), i usually end up forgetting about the show for just long enough that there are 2 or 3 episodes built up for me to watch.  heh.  

anyway, tonight i watched 2 episodes, and they pulled me back in.  what i liked about these episodes (aside from the music, which for me is a given) - the characters seemed much more themselves.  sue wasn't randomly attacking the glee club or will.  (she was being typical sue, but going after kurt's dad as part of her campaign, so w/ a REASON, and it didn't make my skin crawl like her going after the glee club does now.  because, her character should be over that by now.)  when sue's campaign tactics inadvertently hurt santana, she showed genuine remorse.  and oh my heck, when finn gets the glee club together to help santana... tears.  TEARS.  and then again when rachel stuffed the ballot box.  and when santana came out to her abuela... UGH.  

i have such a heart for kids - for anyone, really, kids or adults - who come out to their families.  society pushes them so hard, telling them it's okay & everyone should be okay with it, when the fact of the matter is that it's just NOT okay to everyone.  now, without going round & round about my feelings on homosexuality i will just say this - i don't know with 100% surety what God feels about it, but i do know w/ 100% surety that He wants everyone to be treated w/ love and kindness.  and i do NOT understand how anyone can love someone one minute & completely shut them out the next just from learning one thing about them.  

idk, anyway!  

so after catching up w/ glee, i watched some GH & some OLTL - erin called this afternoon to make sure i would watch GH (i've been slacking a bit).  she filled me in on the robin storyline.  oh. my. heck. seriously, GH writers?  SERIOUSLY?  if they don't figure out a way out of this one, i might just jump ship.  i really don't want to, but if they really kill robin off... it might be unforgivable.  and speaking of unforgivable storylines - todd on OLTL?  was anyone else rooting for him to NOT be evil when he came back?  *sigh*  and i would really like rex & gigi to be together & HAPPY already!  maybe it's cuz i know they are together in real life, but i just want to see them happy on the show!!  

what else?  today was pretty fun!  got to chat w/ my latest crush a bit, altho not enough.  i kinda wanted to just spend the day chatting rather than working, so i had to pull myself away.  so hard to do!  it's been awhile since i've had a GOOD crushing opportunity.  LOL  and yes, it really is just a fun little thing, and when he's gone i'll be sad but not devastated.  it'd be fun to keep in touch, tho... *grin*  *laugh*  

tomorrow i have lots to do, so it'll be uber busy as usual.  *laugh*  then after work i need to get some christmas stuff picked up & THEN it'll be time to hang out w/ trish & watch the last survivor before the finale!  : )  woot!  thursday is leyton's program, friday i have two work christmas parties, saturday i'm hoping to finish up the christmas shopping, and sunday is brunch w/ trish, amy & marcie.  

wow, the rest of the week is BUSY!  glad i had to night to relax.  *laugh*  

hope your day has gone well & that you have a very blessed wednesday!  : ) 


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