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Saturday, 17 December 2011

christmas parties are fun!

guys!  christmas is ONE WEEK AWAY!  and no.  i have NOT mailed everything out that i wanted to have mailed by this time.  i went out today to the post office - they were so packed i couldn't even get INTO the parking lot.  *laugh*  so i was headed to a different PO when mom called to say leyton was over & did i want to come hang out?  i of course dropped my plans for the PO & mall & JD store & went over there.  : )  we had fun baking cookies & watching a movie & hugging & chasing & playing stuff.  good few hours!!  

i left at 2:30 & went to the JD store & of course the set that leyton wanted, that i'd been telling him i'd get him for christmas for 6 months, was gone.  GONE!  *cry*  i didn't mean to wait so long to get it, but these things happen, and unfortunately this was a consequence.  so, i did find a couple larger versions of things that were in the set, so hopefully he'll enjoy those... mom also gave me some money to get another video, so i picked out a combine one that he'd been looking at the last couple times we were there.  : )  

next, i went to the isabel bloom store to pick out a present for the boss.  i took up a collection at work & was a little worried there for awhile, but we got a good amount and so i got a snowman sculpture for her.  : )  AND a little something for someone else.  it's cuuute.  

i picked up subway for dinner & came home to get my packages put together... and everything is still sitting behind me!  instead i read blogs & chatted w/ april & putzed around on pinterest... i also borrowed Thomas and the Magic Railroad from leyton & brought it home to watch.  by myself.  of my own free will.  it's a cute movie!!  don't judge me!  LOL  

anyway, i have to get things together for brunch tomorrow, and grammy's gift so i can take that to her, and then maybe tomorrow afternoon i'll get everything else put together.  oh and the christmas cups for work... oye.  i was telling april - i get all these good ideas & plans & whatnot & then it's like i bite off more than i can chew & i get overwhelmed & then i have to do little, little, little at a time.  

anyway, anyway!! 

yesterday was party-palooza!  our dept lunch & white elephant game went smashingly well.  : )  a few of us took a couple hours beforehand to set up & i brought in some christmas music which was loaded on the computer to play during lunch.  i brought in michael buble & amy grant, but the very nice guy who set it up for me mustn't have put it on shuffle cuz it just played michael.  heh.  that was alright, tho, everyone liked it!!  (right, nicki?  everyone LOVES buble! ; )  )  the gift exchange was hilarious!  i had lots of fun, and oh, the gift i got was alright - fuzzy socks, an ornament & some bath stuff.  heh.

so, lots of fun, but made for a really hectic afternoon!  LOL  LOTS of timecard things going on!  

after work, i ... think i stopped somewhere, but where?  *laugh*  this is why i'm supposed to write daily so i will remember details like this!  meh.  oh!  i got home around 6 because i stayed at work til 5 & then i went to walgreens to exchange my gift cards for photo cards.  the photo guy & manager were very helpful.  and when i got home, i was able to put thru my order for the calendars & they should arrive before christmas.  PTL!!  

mom got here at 7 or so & we headed out to my enterprise christmas party.  the parking lot was paaacked, so mom made her own parking spot.  LOL  i saw some friends first thing when we walked in, and then more friends had two open spots at their table so we had somewhere to sit.  thank God!  walking in, even tho mom was w/ me, and it was a "familiar" environment, all those ppl & everything, i was starting to panic & wanted to turn right around & go back outside.  seeing friendly, familiar faces right away was very helpful to center me.  so, we had some YUMMY food & chatted w/ ppl for awhile, met a couple new ppl & stayed for about 40 minutes or so.  

that was about all i could take, tho, even tho we were having nice conversations & stuff, i could feel the crush of ppl closing in on me.  we stopped at WM so mom could get our christmas unders (and some PJ pants for me, yay!).  i saw a cuuuute herkie pillow pet, which if it had not been nearly $20, i would have gotten for leyton!  heh.  (at the time i was expecting to be paying a bit more for the present from the JD store... i should have just bought the pillow pet!)

when we got out of WM, mom couldn't get her keys out of her purse.  this was both comical and frustrating.  poor mom was frustrated, not seeing the comedy at.all.  :|  see, the purse she was using had pockets galore, everywhere.  and so she stuck the keys in one of them.  and then could feel them thru the lining, but the lining didn't appear to lead anywhere.  it was very strange, and my personal belief is that there was some reason we weren't supposed to be on the road quite yet.  but mom said she wasn't going to "blame" God for it.  i'm like - who's blaming?  i'm saying maybe He was protecting us from some accident that was happening or something!  

so, finally the keys were ripped (literally) thru the lining & we were on our way to the theatre for sherlock holmes.  EXCELLENT movie!!!!   and the popcorn was good, too.  : )  

okay, now i'm watching GH & oh my heck!!!!!!!!!!  erin's been telling me that i HAVE to watch thursday & friday's episodes & WOWOWOWOWOW to thursday.  WOW.  now i'm watching friday & WOW again.  man.  and after this i am going to bed because i gotta stop at the mall before our brunch tomorrow.  

so, i hope your weekend is going well & i'll ttyl!  : )  


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