"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 23 December 2011


i'm not entirely sure what this show is about, other than a young priest comes to a new village & hijinks ensue.  no matter, the irish & british accents are enough for me to enjoy it!  ; )  thanks much, matthew!

today was quite an interesting friday!  leyton DID let me sleep til 8 - just barely.  *laugh*  then he was all about "time to get up!"  *laugh*  we watched thomas about 17 times & played w/ lego knights & also invented a fun game w/ dust.  i have some neat pictures of what happens when you spray airborne dust motes floating in sunlight with Endust... unfortunately, my computer is still not downloading my sd card. ?!?!  no idea what's wrong NOW.  oye.  but we had fun and hopefully i'll be able to share it w/ you sometime soon!  (next day edit: PTL, it works now, at least!)

 oh yes, we also got out the pooping penguin that meg got me a few years ago for christmas!  : )  leyton always asks to play w/ it as we're leaving or something, but yesterday he remembered to ask at the right time!  

this turtle arrived from debi, jacob & adam.  (and corey, i'm sure!  LOL)
so cute!  his name is tobias.  

we left about 12:30 for lunch - leyton chose to go to hardee's.  we had fun sitting at the counter to eat, and they also gave us some chocolate for dessert, which was nice!  : )  i so enjoy hanging out w/ leyton, talking and getting to know how his mind works.  : )  i brought him home at 1:15 & headed to my oil change at 1:30.  

the oil change was free because i had a coupon.  however, they came back & told me that i had a coolant line leak and to fix it would be $1060.  i was like, "uhh...i don't have a thousand dollars, so what's the workaround?"  the guy said he'd have them top off the antifreeze & that i would just need to make sure to keep an eye on the gauges & refill it at least once a week.  i thought, alright, this is better than a thousand dollars i don't have!  *laugh*  after a bit more of a wait, he came back & said his boss had offered to pay for the parts & i could just pay for labor, which would cut the cost in half.  a half which i still don't have - all my money is tied up in VACATION!  *laugh*  anyway, when i left i did some research (thanks, friends!) & found a mechanic who said he would charge $400, so i'll give him a call tomorrow... 

after all that, i picked erin up & we hung out for dinner.  good visit!  : )  then i went over to mom's to talk to her about the car thing & to watch Chuck.  *heart* that show so much!  : )  came home a little after 8 & chatted w/ april a bit.  also, she, her daughter kait, and april & my jr high math teacher had a FUN conversation on fb.  unfortunately, it got a little out of hand & some feelings were hurt & ... 

it's really amazing sometimes how quickly things can turn from good to bad.  and it's hard to tell what "crosses the line" sometimes when you're joking in IM/comments/texts/email/etc.  i mean, if you're joking around, assumedly you would think that everything written is in that spirit.  but when something hits a little too close to home or is about something you are sensitive about, it can just go downhill fast.  especially because you can't always tell "tone" in these mediums.  heck, sometimes ppl can't tell "tone" in face to face conversations, so it's not really surprising!  however, 99% of it could be avoided if ppl would just THINK while they're reading stuff & if something hurts their feelings SAY something about it right away.  don't get defensive, don't try to deflect, just ask - "hey, backing off from the joking for a minute, that last comment was harsh & really made me feel bad.  you didn't really mean it the way i'm reading it, did you?"  it puts you in a vulnerable position to say that, it's true.  but if you are friends w/ someone, that friendship should afford you the trust to say it.  

does that make sense?  it's almost 2 AM & i have been watching ballykissangel & i am really tired.  

i think my point is just that if your friend says something that hurts you, assume they didn't mean to hurt you & ask them about it.

and on that note, i really am logging off & going to bed!  8 hours of blessed sleep will get me up around 10.  : )  

ttfn!!  happy christmas eve!!!  

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