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Friday, 22 June 2012

end of the week happy

oh my goodness.  you know how some days are just so lovely and blessed and special that you feel a tiny bit badly for talking about them because it feels like maybe it'll jinx it?  even tho you don't believe in jinxing things?  

yeah, that was today.  i'm going to embrace the blessing & talk about it, and pray to the Lord for more blessing, and praise His name for every.single.ounce.  : )  

after yesterday's enjoyable ride home, i woke up w/ a smile still on my face.  *laugh*  and when i got to work, i did something which was (for me) pretty brave.  i IM'd my crush & asked if that'd been him behind me yesterday.  and we started chatting... and i'm still smiling.  again, the conversation wasn't anything earth-shattering.  we just talked about where we live & our cars & growing up & ... and it made me really, really happy!  one of the things we talked about was roommates, and i mentioned that bret had been my favorite roommie & that if he needed to i wouldn't mind him living here again.  

it was another day of lots to do & lots getting done, which i was quite grateful for since i'll be out of the office til thursday!  i had a nice meeting w/ my boss, where i was blessed to receive some compliments on my recent work & join in a discussion about some changes that are coming down the pike.  praise the Lord for my boss, for her keeping me in the loop of what's going on - not only telling me, but allowing me to be an active participant in the changes that are happening.  she is a good communicator, and i'm thankful!!  :  ) 

btwn last night & this morning, along w/ the fact of vacation looming, my step was light and a smile lit my face.  my poor friend & former wall-mate very kindly spent every break - and lunch (adolph's, YUM) - listening to my gushing.  we talked about other things, and i tried REALLY HARD not to be one of those ppl.  *laugh*  it didn't work most of the time.  

i go back & forth of - i mean, first of all, i can't imagine that a young man of such incredible adorableness and niceness is single.  i know he's not married, so i can continue to happily crush on him.  *laugh*  but that doesn't mean he's available!  and if he IS available, it doesn't mean he would be interested in me the way i am quite sure i'm interested in him.  right now, tho, i'm just enjoying the ride.  i enjoy his smile and would be quite happy seeing it every day.  : )  

sometimes i think i share too much - what if by some weird fluke of the imagination he were to stumble upon this little blog & read all of this & be mortified?  hopefully he'd recognize the compliment & know that if it's just a crush, truly, it'll work its way out of my system eventually.  LOL  of course, on the other hand, if he wanted to ask me out... ; ) 

ANYWAY!  happy thoughts!  

so, after work, i came home & completely forgot that i had to stop at WM.  so i changed into shorts & headed over there.  but first i had to stop at the bank, and then i stopped at the movie store, thinking i'd watch a couple movies tonight.  particularly, Thor, so i could crush on HIM for awhile.  *laugh*  i stopped for thai for dinner, then WM to get some hummus & meds & cat food (angel was hungry).  as i was walking thru WM, my pants were pretty much falling off of me - this is a good thing, in that it means i'm going down another size, but it's also a bad thing as ... well... i don't want to be one of those People of WM.  :|  agh!  so i picked up a pair of shorts in a smaller size for our trip to chicago.  DEFINITELY don't need to be worrying about if my shorts will stay up while traipsing thru the zoo or museum or city!  *laugh*  

when i got home, i popped in thor & settled in for movie night.  i was about 1/2 an hour into the movie when there was a knock at the door.  i wasn't expecting anyone - leyton's staying at mom's since phil & jen have a vb tourney tomorrow, so i thought maybe they were stopping by.  it turned out to be my dearest cousin-brother, bret!  

in an interesting twist, see the note above regarding roommates... *laugh*  he might be staying for a little bit, but i'm not sure what he wants to do yet.  i'd like to help him out if i can, tho!  : )  he shared what's been going on w/ him & i fixed him a pizza & cleaned up the guest room for him - new sheets & blankets for the bed, got him a pillow, all that, and then he went to bed.  oh!  before that, tho, he found a shirt in there that i thought had been lost!  so, that was cool.  

texted a bit w/ my friends casie & erin.  i think erin & i are hanging out next week, which should be fun.  i have missed her!

didn't get much of Storm Front read, but maybe tomorrow after bret & i have our talk.  i rented john carter & we bought a zoo, both of which are due back tomorrow, so i need to watch those... and maybe go to mom's to hang out w/ her & leyton for a bit...!  but now Thor is over & i think it's time for me to hit the hay & have sweet dreams of cute boys whose smiles make me smile.  : )  

what made you happy today?  


thanks to micaela & marianne for the lovely happy things with which to end the week idea!!  : ) 

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