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Monday, 18 June 2012

the music in me

today's (and likely tomorrow's) cd of choice was Yanni's Voices.  oh, the shivers some of the songs give me, i just love them!  i play them very loudly in the car, too.  : )  whenever i listen to opera, or operatic music (Russell Watson is an example), for some reason i imagine myself in a luxury car driven by a very tall man with large hands, who likes to drive very fast while listening to the same music quite loudly.  the car has black leather seats, and occasionally he's wearing black driving gloves.  seriously, who wears driving gloves nowadays?  *laugh*  

it's nearly 1 & i should go to bed.  but i didn't turn the computer on til 10:30 or so, after i'd finished Charmed & Dangerous (enjoyable!!).  then i spent some time catching up on blogs & watching youtube videos of sherrilyn kenyon books (there are some songs that just make you think of certain books & there are a lot of fans out there who do an EXCELLENT job of putting together videos for the books!).  i would really enjoy some of the DH books turned into movies - if it was done right.  the cast would have to be fairly unknown (think harry potter casting) in order for it to work for me, tho.  anyway, i also watched the first ds2dio videos, SO AMAZING!  along w/ the music is the dance.  and oh i love the dance.  : )  after watching the premier video of remixed, i checked out some videos by mike tompkins - wow, his talent!!  check him out, seriously!!

also discovered a little group called biondo.  not sure where they're from - somewhere in europe?  google gave me lots of videos but not a lot of information on them.  of course, as mentioned, it's late & i'm not really digging too deeply today!  

what else did i want to share?  oh, work - monday & payroll cutoff.  mondays always bring an abundance of timecard issues & today was no exception.  i got flustered on one of them & ended up giving out the wrong information & then i had a funny feeling that i'd done it, so i had to research & find out for sure.  and then when i found out that i'd switched something, i had to fix it... not a big deal, just embarrassing, as i don't like to make mistakes like that on things that i know like the back of my hand!!  

ummm... anyway.  : )  tomorrow i get to have lunch w/ my friend dawny & i'm stoked about that!  can't wait to hear all about her new job & maybe see some baby pictures of her latest addition.  : )  

so, i guess that's all for now!  *laugh*  

oh, next book is jim butcher's Storm Front - aka The Dresden Files.  i loved the show on SyFy & was interested to read the books.  one of my new wall-mates is reading the series & lent me book #1.  : )  so, this is a completely new & different book for me - i hope i like it!!  i hope it sucks me in the same way my sherri or lynsay or lisa books do... i'm sure i'll let you know!  ; )  

btw - what're YOU reading lately?  share?  


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