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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


sleepy carrie!

also, would really like it if the house would cool down properly, but since it's nearly 11 & still 80 degrees out, i guess i am just grateful it's finally mid-70's in here!  oye!  and tomorrow is supposed to be even HOTTER.  agh!  

work today was nothing too outstanding, altho i was BUSY.  i did get to have lunch w/ dawny & that was super nice!  : )  and breaks were nice.  *laugh*  i did get to help many ppl w/ timecard issues, so it was a happy day all around.  the one yucky spot was that we had to have a group meeting about the stupid parking situation, which even tho i know i'm exempt because of medical issues, i still got this nearly overwhelming panicky feeling as they were talking about it.  like i felt like they were either going to point me out & say, "and CARRIE who has an exemption due to her unfriendly panic attacks..." or conversely overturn that & call me in to say that they thought i should be cured by now ... thankfully, neither of those things happened, but the panic was the same as if they had.  the only bright spot in THAT was that my cute, adorable boy-crush was nicely in my line of site for the meeting & so i allowed myself to get distracted by him.  : )  oh, what a distraction!  *laugh*  

after work it was too hot to stop at hy vee as i'd wanted, and then i forgot to stop at the bank, so i'll need to do that tomorrow.  i need to order checks!  oye!  

i borrowed Storm Front from a wall-mate & started that tonight.  honestly, my head is still all full of dark-hunters & dream-hunters & i really just want to read kyrian & amanda's story again, but i can't find it.  boo!  and this book is good - well written, good story, all that.  i'm still having a difficult time getting into the universe because my head is still so full of Hunters & Argeneaus.  LOL  i'll be fine, tho.  i've started going thru the library to make lists of the books i have so i know which ones to keep an eye out for.  (yes, i'm a nerd, and will have a laminated card w/ the information in my wallet so i can pull it out when i'm in a bookstore...*grin*)

becks texted me tonight to see if i wanted to go to this year's Taste of Elegance & i said YESSSSSS right away!  last year was so amazing, and doug did great!  i texted nicki to see if doug was going to be participating again this year & she said he will.  so can't wait to see what he's gonna whip up this year and no matter what i'll be voting for him for people's choice!!  woot!  : )  

so, that's all for now!  going to read for another 1/2 an hour or so & then zzzzzzzzzzzzz's for me!  


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