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Saturday, 9 June 2012

so thankful for air conditioning!

hello, bloggy peeps!  how goes?  it is HOT out there!  i mostly have stayed inside, but after i finished my book (i finished Red Roses Mean Love the other night, then read Fantasy Lover, which is a tie-in to the Dark-Hunters, then my all time favorite Dark-Hunter, Seize the Night, which is what i finished today) i needed to take a drive to clear my head.  i LOVE the story of val & tabitha.  it makes me feel all happy-squishy inside.  : ) 

while i was searching for bride & vane's story in my library, i happened across a couple vampire books which will be my next reads.  bride & vane will have to wait.  : )  hopefully one of these days i'll get the bug to go thru all my books & get them placed properly, but that day is not today.  *laugh*  today is for watching Alien Nation & Royal Pains & chatting w/ april & kait (it was nice to text you ladies today!!) & vegging out & later reading some more.  : )  

reading so much is making me feel more like ME.  i didn't even realize how much i missed burying myself in books.  taking the book i'm reading everywhere i go, making sure to have it so that even if i have 5 minutes of free time, i can read.  truly, i missed that.  i still had books everywhere, but computer time and phone time took over reading time.  i said i didn't have time anymore to read - and that was true, but it was because i wasn't MAKING time to sit down & read.  now, i'm sort of on the other side - i don't feel as compelled to MAKE time for FB - of course, part of that is because lately FB has been full of those ecard things & memes & less about updates of, idk, ppl's actual lives, which is what always drew me to it in the first place!  it was pictures & updates & funny quotes that said something about what ppl were doing, as a way to keep up w/ their lives.  now... meh.  plus, lots of ppl seem bitter.  and sometimes that's okay - i mean, things happen & i use FB to vent, too.  but some ppl are ALWAYS down in the dumps or fighting w/ their bf/gf then making up w/ them, then fighting... meh.

ANYWAY!  i'm not giving up on the FB, but i'm not spending hours there anymore, either.  : )  

time to get back to royal pains & then start in on Love Bites.  : )  ttfn!!

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