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Sunday, 17 June 2012

sweet emotion

sherri's books always make me cry.  sad tears, happy tears.  so far Acheron had been the most emotional, all the pain & torture he goes thru... agh!  the book i spent all afternoon reading, The Guardian, features an equally tortured hero, Seth, and oh my goodness.  i don't know how she does it, but she does it brilliantly!  the happy ending definitely makes the whole thing worth a read.  

now, tho, i think i'm ready for a cheerful break.  *laugh*  maybe Charmed and Dangerous.  (doesn't sound cheerful, but i remember it being really fun and not an ounce of torture... of course, who knows if i'm remembering correctly...)  but, even as i think that, i know i have one more sherri book that i haven't read yet, Retribution, and it's sorta calling to me... LOL  right now i'm watching Next Food Network Star & i don't think i'll start anything tonight... i say now... i mean, it IS ten already.  already?  oh goodness, i was pretty much deeply engrossed in seth & lydia's story from the minute i got home!  heh.  

(and as i typed that, my computer shut down, and i went to see which book i wanted to read & decided on charmed & dangerous.  i've been reading lynsay & sherri all month, so i guess a break will be okay.  *laugh*)

you know, you know, i've said it so much this month especially - i love to wrap myself in the stories!  i just wish i had someone to chat w/ about these stories!  someone who loved them as much as i do.  i know there are boards and i could chat w/ other fans, but that would involve "meeting" some new ppl to talk to... idk, i may do that soon.  the alternative is to gush here every time i finish a book, and i love them all, it all starts to sound the same, but goodness, i can't help it!  LOVE!!!  : )  

on another note, for anyone who stuck w/ me in this post - LOL - leyton called me tonight & we chatted for a bit & i LOVED that, too!  when he's here sometimes he asks if he can call anthony, or gramma or mom or dad, and it's so sweet.  to know that he was at phil's & was thinking of me enough to want to call ME?  melt my heart & call it chocolate!  :D  it's like being wrapped in a warm hug.  

now i'm gonna finish food network star & hit the hay.  work tomorrow - lots to do!!  

i hope you're blessed this week!  


also today i received an email response from last month's featured author, LJ Smith (Lisa).  it makes me feel special and adored when authors i love reply to a note i've sent them.  i never expect a response - i enjoy sending notes of encouragement to let them know how much i adore them.  and when they write me back?  JOY!  

: ) 

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