"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 4 June 2012

Red Roses Mean Love

this is the title of one of my favorite books, by one of my favorite authors, Jacquie D'Alessandro.  i don't remember how i heard of it, but i entered a contest many years ago when the book came out, and won an autographed copy.  i devoured the book, and the next one, Kiss The Cook (featuring a very lively pet raccoon who stole my heart!  LOL).  i became a fan for life!  : )  

of course, i have many authors i would give the red rose of love to, ya know?!  susan, jacquie, sherrileigh, lisa,... there are more, of course, but these give you a glimpse at the women - some of whom i am fortunate enough to call friends - whose writing i can read over & over again.  and of course, there is laura, who writes books that are outside my normal style, but i love her cadence and the way she weaves a chilling tale!  : )  

today was a whirlwind at work, seems to be the normal way of things.  it's funny - when ppl ask how things are going, i am sort of at a loss as to what to say.  i mean, "fine" is accurate, but it seems to paint a picture saying something other than what is really going on.  "busy" is appropriate, but doesn't really encompass the scope of things, as they are ALWAYS busy.  *laugh*  "crazy" would hit the nail on the head, but it sounds like i'm complaining - which i most certainly am not!  "better busy than bored" is the mantra i live by at work, and mean it.  sometimes, tho, i'd like to only be busy w/ one or two things rather than a whole basket full!  *laugh*  some days - like today - i feel like one or two things are slipping away from me because i simply do not have time to get them done.  i put them off to the next day, but that next day is equally, or more, busy.  and then suddenly it's been a week since i've done by memorials and i suddenly have 20 of them and have to devote an entire day to that enterprise...during which time something else gets pushed aside...whee!  

tomorrow i have to move to a new desk, and i wish it hadn't been scheduled for a payroll cutoff week.  *sigh*  not that switching to my new desk would be my favorite thing in the world no matter when it took place, but this week is just particularly ... busy... *laugh*  plus, i still have to pack up one of the cabinets...!  i'm having a slight panicky feeling in my tummy because i'll be sitting by new ppl near windows that previously caused me issues ... (they're nice ppl, but new neighbors, ya know?) 

*sigh*  ah well, it'll be alright, even if i will miss my old spot!  and my wall-mate!!  

on another note, i'm watching some royal pains & walker & going to bed.  


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