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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

moving on

i'm all settled in my new desk, altho as of 4 pm when i left, i still don't have a connected phone.  they moved my phone, they just forgot to connect it to anything so it's basically a useless piece of plastic with numbers.  i reached for it countless times today only to stop before picking up the receiver & uttering a "d'oh!" "dang it" or "dagnabbit!"  which are my three favorite d words, affectionately.

other than that - and having a computer that couldn't find a connection for a few hours after the move - it went pretty well.  unpacking didn't take any time at all, and my new wall-mates are nice.  and randomly funny!  LOL and my old wall-mate & i still have our regular break times, so that's good as well.  : )  

it is funny to me, tho, how we're this huge multi-zillion dollar company and yet the simple act of switching desks can be done so inefficiently that it causes hours of lost work.  and who is to blame?  who knows!  i mean, the dudes who moved my computer & stuff were quite efficient & nice.  but then it didn't work.  and i didn't know who to contact to get someone over for it to work - i just happened to run into the guy who could fix it.  i know they have lists for these things, so idk why they weren't following them!  

ah well, Lord willing, the phone will be up & running tomorrow... : ) 

when home, i popped in some walker & made a yummy avocado salad (w/ tomatoes, carrots, cheese, crackers, pepperoni, and a little creamy Caesar dressing!  mmmmm so good!  i texted w/ trish & nicki & read Red Roses Mean Love & i'm about to leave the computer for another hour of the book.

i'm like that, you know.  once i start reading, i don't want to stop.  my stories consume me, make it so i don't even want to turn on the computer because it's only a distraction from the book!  love it!  i feel the most me when i'm reading a good book.  or writing.  : )  

i hope your day has gone well & that we all have a BLESSED wednesday!  


(i'm sure there are details about today that i'm forgetting to record for memory's sake, but i can't think of them right now because my head is full of flowers!  later!!  : ) ) 

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