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Sunday, 17 June 2012

happy father's day

i miss my daddy.  but i did have a good father's day anyway.  : ) 

leyton spent the night last night & we went to get some books & he got a toy, but only because we went to BK for lunch-ish.  he ended up coming over much earlier than planned - the plan was to sleep til 11, run a couple errands, go to trish's for megan's baby shower, come home & read for a couple hours & then have mr. man over.  but, plans change & we have to roll w/ them!  jen dropped leyton off & we went on my errands & such & got home around 5:30, i think.  we watched some phineas & ferb & played catch & kickball in the hallway.  : )  (i took some pictures, but they did not really turn out well!  d'oh!)  

phil came over before work to hang out & brought pizza for dinner.  nice brother!!!  : D  

friday night i stayed up til 4:30 in the morning reading (Hungry For you - GOOD BOOK!!!!) & then got up earlier than i thought... LOL  so, saturday night i put leyton to bed at 9-ish & ended up falling asleep an hour later!!  it was worth it.  that book became a favorite.  LOL  lynsay is definitely on my favorite author's list!!  : ) 

so, today, mom picked leyton up & then phil picked me up for lunch - we met them at red robin for his father's day meal pick.  while there, we ran into my cousin dawn & part of her family, also out for father's day lunch!  it was nice to see bub & blake, too!  bub's hair has grown back in quite nicely (he shaved it off during/before chemo) & it's soft like bunny fur.  : )  so happy!!  

phil & leyton went to the family museum to have some daddy/son time, mom went to grammy's to play cards, and i came home to watch some hulu, finish my magazines, and start in on a sherri book, The Guardian.  it's a dream hunter book rather than a dark hunter book, but it's the same universe.  :D  love it!!  

what're you up to today?  did you get to spend time w/ your da, or are you missing him like mine?  


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