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Friday, 15 June 2012

short stories

sometimes i like them, sometimes they are TOO short.  tiny & mirabeau's story was too short.  next was Hearts Untamed by pamela palmer and Kiss And Kill Cupid by jaime rush.  HU was quite enjoyable, but i think my favorite of these 3 short stories was jaime's.  at least, it felt the most fleshed out, like even tho it was a short story it felt like a full book.  i imagine it's harder sometimes to write a short story than a long one, and be able to get all the details & such into it, ya know? 

anyway, happy to have discovered more great paranormal authors!  : )  

i caught up on GH as i read, then switched over to my Nelson station on pandora.  lots of 80's hair bands making me HAPPY!  oh, the memories of those bands... def leppard, tesla, nelson (of course), slaughter, skid row... shoot!  they bring back memories of jr high & HS, of spending hours on the phone w/ toni while she read me the romances she'd written featuring ppl from all her favorite bands.  i liked the music, but i was not obsessed w/ the members of the bands the way she was.  she knew their lives, man!  *laugh*  and used that knowledge to great artistic ability w/ the stories.  

tomorrow i'm going to try to watch the season premieres of burn notice & suits.  hooray!  suits is back!!  i'm a little worried about this season of burn notice, because they're taking it in a different direction... but i do love the show, so... : )  yeah.  

next book?   likely more lynsay sands.  i might take a break & read charmed & dangerous, but we'll see.  


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